Settling Down at Home
September 28, 2021
Wednesday I slept in a bit, went to the market after waking up to buy the necessities of home life, like coffee, milk, and lunch meat.  I took care of some loose ends around the house, and then made a Poker VT video with my horse on his win, just five days after our first video where we found and plugged several leaks.  I took a video bad beat though and lost the middle 90+ minute segment into the aether.  Completely unretrievable, I even somehow relinquished control of my computer via Team Viewer to people way smarter than I who couldn't find it.  

I had dinner at the Italian joint down the street on their back patio overlooking the Valley.  Fantastic spot.  Came home, worked online for less than an hour, retiring because I didn't have it.  I wasn't playing well and lost $500 quickly.  I threw in the towel and watched Billabong Odyssey velcroed to my bean bag chair.  

I felt much better Thursday morning.  It showed.  In 6 hours I played two sessions online totaling 3.5 hrs, winning just shy of $2k playing 1-2nl, 2-4nl, and $50+4 SNG's on UB.  I did two loads of laundry, made coffee and had breakfast, organized a closet, de-cluttered the apartment, found a doc and made an appointment, took a shower and then made a sandwich.  I was asked to do an interview for Twitter Poker Tour, I'd never heard of it but was asked by a friend and generally don't say no to interviews.  I played their league tournament and ended up doing most of the whole show, it was fun, very laid back.  I then headed down to GVR for that 5-10 game, couldn't win live again, and quit around 1am stuck $776.  

Friday morning I found my desk!  I haven't seen the top of it since about the start of the Series.  I found an old ambulance bill, they said my insurance company told them that I don't have a policy with them.  I called them, they told me that it's in collections and I have to follow up with them.  Nah they can follow up with me.  I call my insurance company to ask about it and inquire about dental insurance.  I talk to a lady dumber than a box of rocks who can't answer any of my dental insurance questions and tells me that I have to talk to claims and they open again on Monday.  I call the dental insurance company.  $30 a month.  Not bad.  6 month waiting period for small stuff, 12 month for big stuff.  Lame, but I understand.  $50 annual deductible.  $1k maximum.  "So if I get my face bashed in by a baseball bat, y'all will only pay for $1k of the bill?  And then nothing else for the rest of the year?  And I have to pay you $360 and wait 12 months before I can even think about receiving these benefits?"  Yes sir.  No thanks. 

Anybody know a good dentist in the Henderson area?

Housekeepers are over now, all the laundry is done, all the mail is gone through, everything is put away, and Tim McGraw is playing on the radio.  Feels good.  I'm meeting with Lisa Wheeler this afternoon to get caught up on the plans for the Darius Goes West charity event Gavin Smith and I are hosting next Saturday, October 2nd, at the Hard Rock.  I invite y'all to what will be a great time for a greater cause.  $200 entry, $50 rebuys, half the entry goes to a prize pool and the rest goes to charity.  Lots of sweet and valuable prizes to sweeten the pool, Matt Savage will be there to approve the structure, and we intend on giving the event some play, running until after midnight.  Hope to see you there!

Peace and good luck,


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