A Weekend of Work and a Monday in Laughlin
October 2, 2021
Friday night I headed to the Bellagio to find a good cash game to play in.  I found a $50-100 mix game, lost one big pot, and then the game broke.  Bummer.  I jumped on some lists and into a $15-30 game.  I run hot and win enough to get back to even.  Naturally I win lots of big bets in the smaller game.  I then moved to a 5-10 game next to Jimmy Fricke, left it for the 10-20 must move game, and then left that because it was terrible, ending up back in the 15-30 game.  The 30 game looked good so I was on that list, also got back on 5-10, and then got bored waiting and asked Dan White if he wanted to go to Half Shell.  He accepted and that turned into a party ending with me taking a cab home late.  

Saturday I headed over to the local comic book shop to meet Jimmy for a MTG release party.  They were having a second flight that I could play in.  Turns out they had too many for the first and there wasn't going to be a second so I went home, chilled out for a bit, and eventually caught a cab back to Half Shell to retrieve my car.  I then went to the Venetian to play a 5-10 game.  The must move game turned into a shorthanded 5-10-20 game that I was very excited about but didn't go long enough for me to find a hand to do anything with.  I was significantly card dead the entire night, quitting up $169, never being more than $200 up or down.  

Sunday was the WCOOP main event.  I woke up early, took my time waking up, and just played that and the UB $200k.  I chatted with Karri for like three and a half hours, sharing my screen and talking about why I was doing what I was doing.  She just might be the next Jennifer Tilly :).  I busted shortly after the break, losing JJ to Hoss_TBF's AK, and shrugged because it was one of those tournaments where nothing ever got going and there was nothing you could do.  Kinda like my WSOP main.  Annoying to happen in these special tournaments but such is the nature of this business.  

I drove over to Half Shell to meet Jared and have some eats.  I said, "Want to go to Laughlin?"  Six hours and many shots later I stacked him on a 1-2 nl table in the Riverside poker room.  I always have a blast in Laughlin and especially playing poker at the Riverside.  It's like I imagine Vegas used to be, except right on the river and just over an hour away so it feels like you're getting away.  We had a nice lazy Monday, the day starting at 2pm with coffee, OJ, pancakes, bacon, and peaches watching the Colorado head for Mexico.  We then went for a walk ending at the Pioneer, came back to do some bowling, and I finally got to buy a new ball.  

Last December I went bowling with a bunch of people including Billy Kopp and we took a cab back to his place.  I walked inside cause I had some used beer I needed to get rid of.  I realized halfway through that I left my ball in the cab, and by the time I got back outside he was gone.  No idea what cab company.  Oops.  So I got new stuff, we bowled 5 games, and then went downstairs.  We gambled, we hung out at Loser's Lounge, we drank, I lost at everything I touched and Jared made quads 4 times and a straight flush in video poker.  Went to sleep at a reasonable hour, woke up at noon, drove back for a doctor's appointment.  My knee's been bothering me still and I'm getting old and have insurance so might as well use it.  He gave me something called Naproxen that's supposed to help my knee somehow.  I dug the doc, he's a USC alum that surfs.  Right up my alley.  

Oh yeah, my horse won the UB 20k on Sunday night.  Fun stuff.

Darius Goes West charity event this Saturday hosted by Gavin Smith and myself!  $200+20 with $50 rebuys, starts at 5pm.  Join us at the Hard Rock!

Peace and good luck,


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