From the Desert to Backstage
October 5, 2021
After seeing the doc on Tuesday I didn't do anything for the rest of the day.  Layed on the couch, did some M11 drafts, and eventually it was time to sleep.  I did nothing, and it was everything I wanted it to be.  

Wednesday I took care of a few things around the house, put in a session that lasted like an hour, lost about $500 and quit after I flopped broadway and stacked off to a guy who flopped a royal flush.  Got a hold of Gavin, he wanted to have a guitar lesson and I hadn't seen the guy in a while so I headed over to the other side of the state, Summerlin.  I brought my receipt of deposit for the event at the Hard Rock Saturday since we were supposed to do a walkthrough with Lisa.  That never happened, but we did start drinking and jamming.  Gavin did remarkably well for a first timer.  That led to a sushi dinner which led to the nightly tournament at the Sahara which led to 8th place for no money but a victorious $200 last longer (for the $65 tournament).  3am I was on my way home.  

I was excited Thursday because Karri flew in that afternoon.  We went home, watched Darius Goes West together finally so she could see what moved me to make this event happen this weekend.  Always an emotional flick.  We got ready for dinner with Gavin and Kaycee, Bobo and Ruth, Logan and his Mom Barbara, and Lisa.  We talked about the event a little and talked about life more, enjoyed Capos as usual, and then headed home.  We took the scenic route, heading down the strip with the top down.  After getting home we swapped out vehicles for the truck and I took her to one of my favorite sittin spots around here, a short drive into the foothills overlooking the valley.  We sat there solving the problems of the world until around 5am and then decided we should probably go home before the sun comes up.  

That led to a late morning on Friday.  Had breakfast in Boulder City, came back, and had to start getting ready for the show that night.  Trisha got us tickets to see Garth at the Wynn.  We had to pick them up by 6pm for the 8 o'clock show which gave us a couple hours to kill.  She wanted to watch me play poker.  Okay.  I get on the lists, they start a new 2-5 game, and I sit with the max, $1500.  First hand two limp in front of me, I limp the hijack with KTo, button limps, both blinds see the flop.  6 ways it comes TdTh3h.  Checks to me I bet $25, button calls, BB calls, the rest fold.  Turn 5d, check, I bet $100, call, fold.  River like a black six, I put him in for his last $275, he snaps, I beat JTo.  He says something along the lines of "that was a fun first hand."  I agreed.  

Eventually got moved up to 5-10, things continued to go smoothly for an hour, and we quit up $855 half an hour before showtime.  We took our seats and witnessed a spectacular show.  Moving, exciting, fun, emotional.. I laughed, I cried, I sprouted wood, it was an incredible experience.  After the show we headed down the stairs as everybody else was going up, and we were taken back stage to their dressing room.  Karri introduces me, and they inform us that we're hanging out with them for the night.  Ummm, okay.  It was a super cool experience and they are awesome people.  

Afterwards we went to check out Gilley's, stayed for one drink, and I was thoroughly disappointed.  It's nothing like the old Gilley's, and way too nice now.  Plus, ten bucks at the door?  Glad that I finally got to check it out though, just bummed that the Frontier doesn't exist anymore.  

Peace and good luck,


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