LA, Vegas, and a Live Tournament?!?
October 12, 2021
Wednesday afternoon I took Karri to the Santa Monica airport, dropping her off at Trisha Yearwood's private jet.  Trisha greeted me with a hug and then gave me a tour of the plane (WHAT THE FFFFFFFF LOOOOOOL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING I LIVE IN TENTS FFS LOOOOOOL).  It was the most badass thing I've ever seen.  Tail numbers with golf-tango for Garth and Trisha, big enough that you could stand up inside the cabin with headroom, and done completely in this amazing blonde wood paneling.  I want one.  Good luck kid.  Yeah who am I kidding I'll be thrilled with a Cessna.  

I heard that they have a lot of money at the Commerce held by people who don't like it very much.  I drove over there at 5pm and somehow hit almost no traffic coming across the 10 to the 5 South.  I left about four hours later, and those players in the 10-20 games have about $1500 more to disdain.  3 games, they were good, but I couldn't make better than X high and they didn't fold so I gave up.  Booked a flight back to Vegas and was on it early the next afternoon.

Southwest Airlines is awesome.  Change flights?  Bags?  No problem.  Sit where you want.  Cheap rates.  I love it.  Made it to the airport and through security early enough to catch an earlier flight out of Burbank and they put me on the plane in seconds.  Went to the car, drove home, and fired some of UB's Perfect 10 promotional tournaments.  Every day they're running 10 $10 and $3 tournaments.  At the end of the month your top ten best finishes in any of those 310 tournaments make up your point total and they're giving away a bunch of money in the process.  They've asked for pro involvement and tagged a little incentive onto the best performance.  I want to win.  After my 2nd session yesterday, like 8 tournaments in on each side, I have a 3rd, 8th, 15th, and two 16ths in the $10 department and nothing exciting on the small side.  Fields have been like 200 for the $10's and 300+ for the $3's.  

After a long session and multiple distressing beats I quit up somewhere under $500, walked to my neighborhood bar for dinner and a beer, then chilled out at home for the rest of the night.  Friday was the start of Bellagio's Festa al Lago series, and I was excited to get my paws into a live tournament for the first time since the main event.  

I showed up bright eyed and bushy tailed, Cheerios in my belly, and took my seat amongst a field of hardly anybody I recognized.  I only had seen the two seat around.  That was quickly shattered when Scott Clements took the one seat, and although he's one of the best he's also one of the best guys on tour.  I like Scott and was glad we could catch up (and that he was on my right).  Then Allie Prescott showed up and took the three seat, and it turned into a party.  GG focus.  We start 4 way props for $20 units, each of us took a suit.  If two showed up you collected 1 unit from everybody, and if you nailed a monotone flop in your suit you were collecting $100 a man.  Turns out that happens about 5% of the time, thanks Google.  On rainbow flops, if your suit is absent, then you pay each man one unit.  Coronas were ordered.   

I busted about an hour later.  I left with 19 $20 bills.  I never hit a monotone flop in my chosen suit of diamonds.  I had raised out of the blinds over a bunch of limpers three of my last four opportunities, this time the chronic limper decided to re-raise, and I decided that I wasn't folding tens.  Wrong decision he had aces.  Oh well, went to the poker room, took an empty seat in a 40-80 mix game that was goooood, and ran baaaaaad.  

I hit my low point about 5 hours later stuck $2200, quit 3 hours after that only down $500.  I made a couple of mistakes that I frustrated myself with, but I certainly ran awfully too.  Happy it didn't end a disaster I headed home and am getting ready for the $1k O8 tomorrow.

Peace and good luck,

Bellagio Festa $1k, 10k to start, 10,050 end of 2. Upswing baby, yeah!

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