Travel to Chicago
October 20, 2021
The drive to LA was nice.  I always enjoy that drive, but this one was awesomer than usual because I spent most of it with the top down enjoying perfect fall weather in the desert.  I'm going on my fourth month straight of mid 80 degree weather and am not sick of it at all.  I kinda want to keep chasing it. 

After I arrived in LA we had dinner at Louise's and then found out that Lars was in town from Dallas for an event at Fuller Seminary.  We met him, one of his staff, and one of his former kids from Bel Air at Karri's favorite little dive in Los Feliz.  It was a pleasant surprise and nice to see him, and thanks to a random drunk girl at the bar I have some excellent material that I'll get to use on him for a long time.  She didn't understand how he could move from So Cal to Dallas and was speculating why his wife let him.  

Thursday was travel day.  LAX to Chicago O'Hare first class, courtesy of American Airlines supporting the USO.  Thank you.  We were met by a greeter, one of those people with names on a sign that meet you at baggage claim.  Her job was to smile, help us with bags, coordinate with and show us to the car.  She wasn't even the driver.  I have no idea where she went after we hopped in the car for downtown Chicago.  

We're staying at the Hyatt, also free, tyty Hyatt and your support of the USO.  The first time I was in this city it became my least favorite I'd ever been to.  I also didn't spend any time downtown.  The next time I did and didn't like it still - too congested, too cold and windy, gloomy.  Meh.  Then I was here last year and spent time on foot downtown with Bill in August, and that was awesome.  And I'm digging it so far this time too.  There's a neat energy here at Michigan Ave and the river, unlike I've ever experienced in an American city.  It reminds me a bit of Vancouver and Montreal and I love those cities as much as I can love an urban place.  She has a dinner with USO peeps tonight and I'm going to go play with Bill, then the big gala is on Saturday.

Peace and good luck, 


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