WPT Bellagio Cup, $15k+400, end of day 1
July 13, 2021

Last event before vacation, and they really had to run me through the grinder on day one. There was nothing easy about today. Here's the lineup in order of position from the start:

10: Phil Laak 1: Richard Lee 2: Me 3: Sir Watts 4: Shane "Stainiac" Schleger 5: Raymond Davis 6: John Phan 7: Random dude that I would lay my bankroll at 1000-1 against winning, busted level 3 8: Random that busted in 3rd, replaced by a young Asian woman who's name was pronounced "Twee" but I forgot the spelling she gave Shane. She was good and had no problem putting chips into the middle. 9: Random that was your typical average player.

So, it was a ridiculous lineup, and the cards didn't cooperate with me at all. It was pretty tough to find an exploitable spot. I ended the day with 36,100 from our 45k start, right on pace with my 2007 25k day one that I did well in. We're playing super deep and being 9k down going into tomorrow, while isn't where I wanted to be, still gives me plenty of room and time Monday as we start at 400-800/25. Poker TV

It had been a long time since I had laughed myself crying at a poker table. Shane and Raymond in the 4-5 were on fire together. Raymond came up with most of the material, with gems such as "The Allen Kessler Plot: Exploitation of Homeless for Freeroll Casino Promotions," or the "Raymond Davis & Vanessa Selbst Matchmaking to Produce Sicko Online Poker Players and Threesomes." Richard Lee was a pleasure to play with and had his fair share of zingers. John got into me in the 2nd level for not playing a single hand in 60 minutes, calling me every nit joke he could for 20 minutes, and then this hand came up. Limp, limp, I make it a dime with KQo, he calls on the button and says, "Let's bust this nit," and both limpers call. They wonder why I was playing tight. This pot turns retarded fast, flop QT5 with two spades. Check, check, I bet 2425, John thinks for a bit and calls, fold fold. Turn a brick, I bet 5800, John quickly calls. River 7s, I quickly check, John bets 7k, I tank for longer than I have ever tanked and called in a tournament situation, finally call, he says, "You probably got me..." and tables 35cc. Such a sicko. I've been thinking a ton lately about what live studs like John are doing that we're completely unaware of, and there is something here. My call was more his mistake than my sick read. I was so torn on the hand but ultimately decided, "Well, I'm getting like 3.5-1, I have the top pair, and it's John."

About two minutes later I was pleasantly reminded of how much fun it is to play with John. He starts going into Phil about how tight he is. "Why you gotta pick on the tight white guys John?" LOL.

I've had a great week and am ready and excited to get out of dodge after doing well in this thing. I'm vanishing to the Caribbean on the 20th and am super excited to unplug for a while. Now I'm yelling at too many inches of LCD monitor since it is Sunday, and I must depart you.

Peace and good luck,


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