Horseshoe Hammond WSOPC Main Event: Day One
October 27, 2021
I did a bunch of poker playing this week.  Wednesday I grinded online for twelve hours.  It's been a super long time since I've done anything like that.  I booked a small profit but was happy with the day overall considering the way things went.  

Thursday it was much the same.  Three hours online, was happy to book a $600 winner after starting that much in the hole one tabling over Cheerios.  Ate a sandwich from Whole Foods.  Made an almost two hour video for PokerVT going over the UB Perfect 10 NLHE freezeout I won on Monday.  Went for a jog.  Was sweating that one considering that three weeks ago I tried working out on my knee for the first time since I blew it May 3rd and it hurt.  Like the not good hurt, got me to the doc who gave me drugs that I haven't used.  Anyway it felt strong which made me happy, my getting winded after a mile and a half pissed me off so I'll have to fix that.  I packed my running shoes and used them though, and for that I'm proud.  

Bill made tacos and we watched the first few innings of the Giants game before getting back on the grind.  I played a bunch of SNG's and a 3-6 HORSE game, finally breaking my recent SNG curse to a close with my first victory in like 30 tries.  Dropped my ROI 3% this month.  After that we went to see Jackass 3D, and it's possibly the funniest two hours of film I've ever seen.  They're brilliant, and idiots. I laughed myself to tears for much of the movie.  

Friday I woke up early (defined as 11am away from the ranch), had Cheerios and hit the road with a cup of coffee headed to Hammond.  I bought into the main on Tuesday, and good thing cause the line out the door was a mile long.  It was a 90 min wait from when I got there.  They ended up getting 872 runners for $1600 a pop.  I'm not sure where this many people with that much money came from, perhaps they were taking buyins in livestock or something, but it's one of the softest fields I've played in a long time.  I was card dead all day, seeing JJ, 99, and four AK's that I lost with in the first 15 levels.  I steadily chipped up though all day and enjoyed playing tournament poker, until we busted all the I'll never-3-bet-you but I'll check-fold a lot players.  They were replaced by a bunch of people who could find the raise button, notably Kevin Saul two to my left with 170k at 8-1600/200. 

My 80k dwindled to 70k with one level left to play in the day.  1200-2400/<strong>500</strong>.  2nd or 3rd hand I call a 20k shove with A5ss in the blind and lose to A4hh.  Ugh 48k, which is only 6m's FFS, and there's half an hour left in day 1.  Bust me now and put me on a plane to my honey.  I folded around to my next big blind, tick tock tick tock.  Folds to the small blind who limps.  I guess I should look so they know that I looked if they were paying attention, but it doesn't matter, I could have two sugar packets that would be ruled dead at showdown and still shove.  

He shows me A3o and folds.  

Next hand a good spot to shove on opens to 5600, folds to my small blind I find A3o, and shove.  He folds.  

On my button, still stacking copious amounts of ante chips, a good aggressive player that I had three bet with T2o in this same spot several orbits earlier opens to 5k.  I find aces (HOORAY!), make it 13,300, he folds.  

Fold the next hand.  Then, an old dude who had been snug with gross overbets shoves UTG for 40k+.  I find two queens, have 75k, debate a little between calling and shoving, and decide to shove.  The small blind tanks.  Almost two minutes.  I feel like he has TT, JJ, or maybe AK.  He folds, claiming to have AK, the board runs out K high, and I bust A7dd.  I'm still not sure what's optimal there, but it worked out for us in this situation, course small blind had like 60k so it probably didn't make a difference.  

Yeah.  I'm tired.  It was a long day but I feel like a pig in shit after that end of the night heater giving me 123,900 headed into day two, resuming tomorrow at 1pm CST.  

Peace and good luck,


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