World Series, Return to Vegas, and a Flood
November 5, 2021
Friday night Karri took me to the CSI:NY Halloween party with a few of her friends and we watched The Lieutenant Dan Band.  Gary Sinise plays the bass and the entire band does a helluva job.  I met LeAnn Tweeden and her husband, turns out Karri knows her from USO stuff.  

Saturday we slept in a bit.  I wanted to watch Game 3 of the World Series and as we were kicking around options she says we could go to Malibu.  Sure lets go watch the game on one of Garth's 6 high def TVs in a sweet house in Malibu.  So absurd.  We did and spent the evening relaxing, solving the problems of the world.  

Halloween we drove back to town, watched Game 4, and hung out with the neighbors giving candy to the kids.  Neat people and it was fun to be a part of a neighborhood tradition.  I woke up early the next morning and headed back to Vegas.  Watched Game 5, hooooray Giants!  I was a little disappointed that they won because I think I would have went back to the Bay to watch Games 6 and 7.  I went home to chill out and found a lovely surprise.  

Before I headed to Chicago I put in a maintenance request to fix my ice maker in the freezer.  I came home to an inch of standing water in my kitchen.  I opened the freezer and found a small but constant stream of water pouring into the ice bucket.  Water had soaked through all three walls surrounding the kitchen into the master, hallway, and living room.  Ugh.  I let them know about it the following morning before heading in to vote and play the Caesars Classic Main, what used to be a $10k, then a $5k this year, and is a $1k this year.  I didn't even know it existed until the day before.  The structure is hideous and I'll rant about that next time.  I came home to three ripped up carpets and walls, a cluttered living room, and four fans blowing.  I'm bushed now and have to be back there in ten hours.

Peace and good luck,


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