End of the Caesars Classic Main
November 10, 2021
The structure for the Caesars Classic $1k main was absurdly bad.  We started with 50k in chips at 25-50.  One thousand bigs.  Hour long levels, registration open through the first 6 and dinner where you'd start with a full stack.  Re-entries are permitted (if you bust, you may buy back into the tournament as if you were late registering).  Blinds went like this:

50-100 (color up the quarters)

end day 1

end day 2

I busted at this point.  It continued into day 3 as it ended day 2, skipping lots of intermediary levels that were included earlier like 12-24k.  Play ended on day one with over a hundred players returning with the money at 27.

The early levels with the absurdly high starting stack make for too much play early.  To get the tournament over within three days they have to compensate for this by deleting levels later.  So what you get is a lot of people wasting a lot of time in early superfluous levels and then having the thing turn into a crapshoot later when the money's really on the line.  No tournament with a buy-in of $1k or less should make it to day 2 without reaching the money or dang close to it.  The consequences of such deep starting stacks and small blinds are less money for the house, since they have to have dealers and floormen on the clock longer.  Less money for the dealers since more downs are put in over the course of the tournament, lowering the percentage of the tip pool that each down is worth.  Players are in the tournament longer and in the cash games less, hurting rake.  And it sucks for players to waste their time and then get screwed when the money really matters.  Then we can talk about the absurdity of the antes, from the lack thereof until 6-1200 to the varying ante to big blind ratios, ranging from 1/6 to 1/16.  

The worst part about the whole mess is that it wouldn't be that terrible with a couple of easy fixes.  Take out the first two levels, add in the later levels that were removed.  Fix the antes.  Make the starting stack smaller.  

Lastly, the payouts were el oh el.  

1st $59,070
2nd $45,430
3rd $29,537
4th $25,317
5th $19,691
6th $14,065
7th $10,830
8th $8,836
9th $6,892
10-12th $4,650
13-15th     $4,079
16-18th $3,376
19-27th $2,813

The pay jumps from 6th to 5th to 4th are all bigger than the jump from 4th to 3rd.  Then the jump from 3rd to 2nd is way bigger than the jump from 2nd to 1st.  I mean seriously what were they thinking?  

Anyway end rant.  I min cashed the thing and was glad to do so, there wasn't anything I could have done to go deeper.  

Thursday I caught up with errands, took my suits (and tux!) to the dry cleaners preparing for Cantu's wedding on Friday.  Poff and Lexie suggested that we go to the hot springs, and while running errands with the top down in 82 degree sunshine that idea sounded fantastic.  We hit the trail at dusk, headlamps adorned, and walked down the wash to the hot springs.  We saw a couple of parties leaving on our way in but had the place to ourselves when we got there.  I soaked, they sat, we relaxed, and were headed back by 9pm.  Dinner, bowling, home.  

Friday I followed up with the management company here at Adiamo Apartments regarding my request for some sort of compensation due to my flooded apartment that is now tore up and full of air movers.  I requested a month free and said if granted I would sign another six month lease.  They offered me $183 and a new refrigerator, something that should have been replaced months ago.  $183 is what 5 days rent is worth, compensating for the 9 days that my apartment is barely hospitable, much less workable in.  I told them to go screw themselves and turned in my 30 days notice.  Guess I'll be moving again soon.

Peace and good luck,


3 months ago
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