Cantu's Wedding and Work in LA
November 14, 2021
Cantu's wedding wasn't on Friday it was on Saturday.  That's happened before, will happen again.  I foolishly thought that I might drive down to LA that night.  I don't know what I was thinking really.  Seated for dinner it didn't take long for us to discuss filling one of these candle floaters full of beer.  

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Somehow or another I became the favorite horse and I was kicking around a line of 100 minutes.  

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It was filled full of Budweiser, which I balked at a bit preferring Bud Light especially in this contest of volume.  We let the beer and dinner settle for a while, hookah was fired, and I somehow snapped my favorite poker related picture ever.  Madsen hit the hookah a little too hard.  

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Turns out the giant pilsner glasses held 111oz.  I accepted a line of 100 minutes.  I didn't bet anything on myself, accepting a 10% fee from either side in exchange for an honest effort.  I started out strong finishing over half in the first 35 minutes or so.  There's pictures on my twitter (@devopoker).  Unfortunately things go fuzzy at that point, so much so that I can't remember anything between now and puking out the window of a cab, and then nothing until consciousness the following morning.  

Nobody that could fill in the blanks for me returned a call until 6pm.  I was on the road to LA when Bobo informed me that right around then I went to the restroom.  Fuller followed me to insure that I wasn't going to puke because that counted as a loss if projected prior to completion.  I set my beer down and simply dropped off some used beer, amused at Rick's hoping for a puke.  

Returning to the reception hall I couldn't remember where the hell I put my beer.  Rick knew where it was, didn't hide it from me, and wouldn't tell me where I put it.  Cantu, who has money on the do protests, but I find it in about seven minutes before a settlement can be reached.  Apparently I post up on a chair near the restroom, do work, and complete the task in 90 minutes flat.  Fuller and Hellmuth lost a lot of money, and I was blacked out. 

Monday I woke up and worked online for a few hours, made a dime, and headed down to the Commerce for the $545 7-game mix.  I made a little run and then made a $EV mistake in PLO that committed me to getting it in thin that cost me most of my stack.  Busto 14th.

Tuesday same play, really wasn't feeling playing online, lost $50, and back to the Commerce.  I arrived around 4pm, sat in a $30-60 stud game, lost a couple hundred, and switched to $40-80 LHE.  Scooped  a $1k pot first hand, and played there until about 6:45 to late register for the $335 HORSEament upstairs, up $1450.  Made a deep run in that one, ran out of gas too soon and busted 18th.  

It feels good to be on the grind again.  I'm still very stoked to be playing cards, it feels like four years ago but I'm a lot better now than I was then.  

Peace and good luck,

Bust 4th for $4750 aww.

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