NAPT LA: My End of Day 1
November 16, 2021
Didn't do much but work this week.  At all.  Woke up Wednesday, worked online, headed down to the Bike for event 1 of the NAPT LA, a $645 NLHE bounty event.  The field was way smaller than I expected, less than a hundred runners, and way tougher than anticipated.  Dan Frank, Joe Cada, and this other dude Dan who's good were at my starting table, everybody else was at least a little bit competent.  We played props and enjoyed each other's company, I won $300 plus busted one player for $100 making it sting a lot less when my kings lost to AK.

The next day was the same, this time it was a $545 8-game.  They had thirty something players when I arrived at 5, and the structure was excellent, way unlike the nlhe structure the day before.  I opted out of playing because it was too slow and the field was small and tougher than it should have been.  I bought in for day 1a then headed to the Commerce to play 40-80, lost $163 in that endeavor, and went home.  

Friday was day 1 and I was excited.  30k to start, good structure, big field.. love these events.  I single handedly dismantled this dude two to my right in three hands when I never had better than a pair.  I went into the first break with 53k.  The second round was less fortunate but still solid.  I lost a bunch of small pots.  Then I called down a triple barrel bluff with ace high.  Problem was that he made third pair on the river that also brought a flush and turned it into a bluff trying to get me to fold a better pair, I didn't fold ace high, he said nice call, I said nice value bet.  Then I raise/jammed on a dude who was uber lag with pocket treys, he called with AK, and I won the flip, going into the next break with 66k.  

Thats where things stopped going well.  I doubled Madsen 99<A6hh.  I then doubled Madsen again with 9To<AJdd on Ax9dTd.  Then ran top pair into a set.  Lost some more small pots getting rivered a bunch.  Dude flopped a straight I flopped top pair.  Then I got the last 26k in with QQ v TT, lost that one too KTx, J, x.  Better today than on the bubble.  

Such is poker sometimes.  Still won a few bucks this week.  

Peace and good luck,

Bust 4th for $4750 aww.

22 hours ago
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