Aww Rats
November 20, 2021
"Why is our through line rats?  Why can't it be unicorns and rainbows?"  Karri just asked me that on her back patio after we heard rats in the bushes.  Turns out we've seen lots of rats in numerous states in the past few months.  I don't think it means much more than we're outside late enough to see rats.  

Today I played the $1k HORSE at the Bike which drew 34 runners.  I stopped at a Wells Fargo on the way in East LA to withdraw $6k cash.  I could see how a honkey would find that a bad idea.  I ran poorly enough for a swift exit to send me home mercifully, early enough to catch dinner and a movie and late enough to not have to sit in excessive traffic.  

Night before Karri and I did the whole bowling dinner movie date thing.  I quit her in bowling because I got a blister.  Waaa.  Played a little online that day on UB, one sweet hand where the CO opened 140bbs effective, SB called, I re-raised the BB with QQ, the initial raiser called, SB shoved, I called, and the other guy called with aces.  I flop a set and hold over TT and AA for a 420bb pot.  Yay.  

Sunday I worked online all day, something like 9 hours or so.  Small winner, felt like I played really well and was satisfied.  

Saturday we went to the Wagon Wheel Country Music Festival in Lake Elsinore.  Took us twice as long to get there as usual, you know Saturday afternoon rush hour in Southern California.  Caught Emerson Drive who was awesome.  I'd never heard of Jimmy Wayne but I liked his stuff too.  I thought that LeAnn Rimes was best of show and I was very happy with who I was most excited to see.  Dierks Bentley was great as usual, I always enjoy his shows.  

Lots more poker coming up in the next week, then Thanksgiving with the family here, then back to Vegas in time for the Five Diamond.  

Peace and good luck,

Just got in my truck for the first time in 7 weeks, found the other set of keys in the ignition. Its parked outside.

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