LAPO Main: My First End of Day 1 - Bryan Devonshire
November 23, 2021
More work this week.  Drove down to the Bike Wednesday afternoon intent on playing their $1k turbo bounty, then potentially playing the $1500 bounty at the commerce at 5pm.  I showed up early, registered to make 3 people, ordered breakfast, then heard that there was a $545 6 max going on at the Commerce starting at the same time as the Bike $1k.  I un-reg'd, waited for and received breakfast, and was eating it when Tiffany Michelle walked up, at the final table of the previous day's $1k, 6 of the 9 remaining making the money.  I generally order like six items for breakfast and eat half of each of them, she asked if I was going to eat all that and declined offering to share.  It's been a while since I've sat down with her and it was nice to catch up.  She started her final table, I drove to the Commerce, and jumped into the 6max. 

Things started like they should, I almost doubled up in the first couple of hours easily playing small pots.  That continued mostly until the end of the night when I busted 4th of 99, good for $4750 but not anywhere near the $22k for first.  I feel like I played optimally but don't feel like I played perfectly given the situations I was in.  Some interesting spots for sure that I'll be thinking about for a bit.

Took the day easy on Thursday.  Worked online for a bit, lost about $250, went to dinner with Karri and a couple of good friends of hers, and took the night off.

Played day 1a of the Commerce LAPO $2085 main.  Chipped up nicely and things were going smoothly until I got it in drawing dead at the end of level 8.  An old dude limped UTG at 3-600/75, I made it 2250 in late position, a blind and the old dude called.  I have AJo.  Flop J74ddd, check, old man bets 3k into like 7500, I make it 7600 really feeling like he has Jx and wanting a call.  He does, turn a 9h, he bet 8k, I shove (for value) 29,975, he calls with the nuts.  Whoops.  So I'll try again tomorrow since it's a re-entry event with two day ones.  

Peace and good luck,

Just got in my truck for the first time in 7 weeks, found the other set of keys in the ignition. Its parked outside.

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