The End of My LAPO Main Event
November 26, 2021
The do-over day went much better than my first attempt on Friday.  Things went smoothly then entire ten levels, I played excellently, and I was in the top 5 for most of the 2nd half of the day.  In the last hand I was UTG at 500-1k/100.  There's a minute on the clock.  If this hand folds around then we'll have to play another hand, costing me 1100.  I'm basically freerolling if I raise any two cards here, cause if we see a flop or I get re-reaised then I won't have to post the big next hand.  If they fold then woo-hoo.  I intend on raising any two, find a pair of treys, and make it 2100.  I get called by Payman who's chipleader and Turbo in the big, who I had just 3-bet with T5s and showed it to him eight minutes earlier.  

Flop 346 rainbow.  Turbo checks, I bet 3400 into 7500, Payman folds, and Turbo makes it 8k.  I re-raise to 20,600, he shoves for 63k, I call and lose to a set of fours.  I kinda feel like I should have played it differently.  I three bet him earlier because I didn't think he wanted to play a big pot at the end of the day and he'd been staying out of my way all day long.  With that reasoning I'm only beating top two which he might fold pre, or something he's deciding to spaz with like 65.   If he's folding 64 pre then he's probably folding 57 and 25 too.  But, it's the Commerce and I have a set and we're only 60 bigs deep so whatever.  I end the day with 78k still, and go into day two feeling good, figuring that losing that hand now is way better than 1st hand tomorrow.

That didn't last long.  The first two levels I was card dead and maintained my stack, dipping below average but holding above 80k.  The second two levels I couldn't do anything.  Halfway into the second, with 42 remaining and the money at 36, the cutoff opened with 18 bigs, had already proven that he's raise-folding too much, I find 66 in the SB and gladly shove only to run into aces.  I couldn't recover and busted in 41st place.  Ugh.  

Best news of the night came when my horse made a couple of deep runs, cashing for $9k, putting a bunch of money in my pocket.  

Monday I relaxed, did laundry, and had a table going for most of the day on UB.  I found a $10-20 Omaha 8 game, beat it for around $900, and when it finally broke later in the day I found a $10-20 HORSE game.  Broke that game too, beating it for over $1k.  I played 2 $50+4 SNG's and won one of them.  Pretty good day.  2nd biggest win in terms of big bets in my life, right around 95 big bets one tabling.  I had a 105 big bet winning session playing 5-10 LHE back in the day on Party Poker, but that was 6 tabling and they sucked a lot more.

Much the same today on Tuesday.  Karri heads out of town tomorrow so we're going to hang tonight.  We were talking about drive in movies, she told me a story how her and John Daly's caddy and other kids back in Arkansas would hide in the trunk of the neighbor's Caddilac to sneak into the movies.  I grew up in Azusa near the Foothill Drive-In and its been open as long as I can remember so I suggested that.  After some research it's been closed for years and they tore down the screen in 2005.  I'm getting old.  

I have to make a decision soon on where I'm going to live for the next six months.  I'm leaning strongly toward getting a place in Summit County for the winter, making full use of my season pass.  Ski during day, work online and/or apres ski after, go to Blackhawk for those juicy limit games once in a while, and travel for a few tournaments like LAPC.  Either that or another place in Vegas I suppose.  

Peace and good luck,


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