Single Again and Moving to Colorado
December 4, 2021
Well I'm single again.  I'm responding by moving to Colorado for the winter, with the intention of buying a place here sometime in the next six months and move into it before the World Series next June.  I'm happier in Colorado, and I'm stoked to have done well enough in my career to have the opportunity to do something as outlandish as living in a ski town for the winter because I want to and can.  

I wonder though about the longevity of my happiness with poker.  I worked my ass off in the last three months since coming off the ranch, profited over $50k, and have been in a funk lately.  Perhaps it's the changing of the seasons.  Gloominess has always made me depressed, enough so that it may have cost me a marriage in Minnesota.  Karri felt like I had withdrawn lately, which is a symptom of unhappiness.  I don't have any reason to be unhappy with life or poker.  Perhaps its the common angst that every human being feels when stuck in a routine.  But if this is a routine that I'm unhappy with then there's something wrong with me, and I don't feel unhappy, so that shouldn't be it.  Perhaps I'm afraid of getting close to somebody and being hurt again.  Maybe thing just weren't meant to be.  I dunno.  

I've been pretty bummed since becoming single though.  I liked that one.  Haven't done much outside of the apartment, although I've done plenty of work on growing my third beard of the year.  New life record there.  Ordered a hitch and a trailer for the truck, scheduled to pick it up on Saturday.  Just shipped $1200 to a dude I've never met from a listing in craigslist for a 2 bedroom apartment in Frisco that I've never seen before.  Dude sounds a lot like me, he was in Hawaii being alive when I talked to him on the phone.  Sorted laundry, started thinking about what is going to go with me to Colorado and what's going to stay here in storage.  

Haven't wanted to play poker much.  When I have it hasn't gone well.  I really think there's a direct correlation between personal happiness and success on the felt.  I have played a lot of Magic drafts online.  Trying to decide now if I'm going to play the $5k at the Bellagio tomorrow.  Probably shouldn't due to the fact that it's drawn a gnarly field for the past couple years and I sure ain't sharp right now.  We'll see, depends on sleep, which I haven't been doing awesomely lately either, and the field I find tomorrow.  Either way I'm on schedule to be in Colorado Monday.  Jared's gonna help me move out, I'm paying for his trip and flight back.  Seems fair to me, I'm certainly going to need help getting a king bed moved.  

Played the $500 NLHE event 1 of the Bellagio Five Diamond Friday.  Went nowhere.  Took Saturday off, did errands, and hung with local friends at my brother's bar Half Shell, had a good ol time.  Played online Sunday, did nothing.  Played the $1k Monday, got owned by Joseph Cheong, who made a great call against my squeeze with ATo.  I had 97o, and if that's in my range, then ATo is a great call.  He was UTG too with two callers behind for 22 bbs.  

Yup I'm gonna just get outta Dodge this week, make sure I do so well, putting most of my stuff in storage, getting my mustang, motorcycle, and snake to my brother's house, getting the truck worthy.  I may or may not play a little cash along the way, but I'm certainly excited to spend the winter in a ski town.

Peace and good luck,

I live here. Going up to Breck for 1st runs this season, hope my knee holds strong.

34 minutes ago
TeddyKGBah, now your right up the hill. hit me up with a pm if you get down to golden, well get some coffee Devo!0