The Great Purge: Sorting Through Ten Years of Stuff
December 7, 2021
I booked the moving company for Sunday at noon.  She asked me what time I wanted the movers to be there and I said noon.

"Okay, they'll be there at eleven."
"No, that's too early.  Have them there at noon please."
"Noon?  What do you mean by noon?"


I'll let you know how that turns out.  It's motivated me to have my first great purge and go through the shit I've accumulated over the last ten years.  It was a fun few days in the garage.  I found utility bills still sealed from 2004.  In that same pile I found the title to my truck, which I assumed I had lost in the 8 different places I've lived since then.  It was in a sealed envelope too.  I found and organized all my gear.  Four big tubs divided between climbing, water, snow, and general outdoors.  I found a bunch of sweet old pictures.  A CD rom full of pictures from the summer of 2003.  I posted some on Facebook, my first attempt at uploading and tagging pictures.  Then my account got hacked the next morning, sorry about that if you got chatted to.  I went through the box that I put all my stuff in when I left the church office in 2005.  I found my first Black Diamond headlamp, long since broken due to use.  I couldn't part with it and started a sentimental box.  My mangled ice saw went in there too.  They'll decorate a cabin someday. 

I filled the bed of my truck with junk and drove to The Salvation Army.  It was a little emotional, watching the stereo and alarm clock from my dorm room being given away.  There were a lot of memories in those boxes and they just took them quickly and handed me a blank receipt.  So cold.  

I whittled my baggage down to a small enough load that I don't need to get a storage unit.  It'll fit mostly in my car that I'm parking in my brother's garage with the motorcycle.  Not sure if I'm going to bring the dirt bike.  I am bringing my office, living room, bedroom, and all my outdoor gear.  Rented a 6x12 U-Haul trailer should be plenty of space.  Last time I made this move Jared helped me unload the trailer and the first box he picked up was a case of clay pigeons.  He accused me of being redneck.  I'm not bringing them this time, if I had some I probably would though.    

It was a fun few days.  Feels good to be mobile again.  

Peace and good luck,


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