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December 11, 2021
Friday night I met a couple of friends that I worked with at Forest home down on the strip.  That lasted until 7pm when I had to go to my friend's Christmas party and they had to go to sleep because they were running a half marathon in the morning.  I left the party late and woke up to the movers at the door.  I didn't get anything done in the past two days that I needed to besides getting the trailer and that's okay.  We started moving at noon (WE DID IT!!!) and we were on the road around 6pm.  

It's a funny string of circumstances that have lead me here and I'm stoked to arrive.  There was still a strong chance that I would have come even if Karri and I didn't break up.  We talked about it and she was fine with it.  It certainly turned it from a maybe to a certainty in a hurry.  The whole flood thing, and them deciding to hose me, me deciding respond with my thirty days.  Kings losing to eight deuce.  If I finished in the top 3 in that thing I was going to pay cash for a house in Vegas.  I would have been settling in there not moving here for sure.  Instead my intentions are to buy a house in Vegas this spring and have it ready to live in by the Series.  

First impressions of living here are well above expectations, and I've wanted to live here here for seven years.  Checked out options last January, confirmed this is the place, and so far so good.  I'm basically in the basement of a 3 level house in a nice neighborhood less than a mile from main street, saddled between two majestic peaks and walking distance to the lake and creek.  The dude renting the top half is doing the same thing I'm doing.  He's 34 and a trader, can work online.  Lived in Del Mar the last ten years wants to give this a shot.  He helped Jared and I move in and then we met him downtown for dinner and drinking.  It was a fantastic time.  

Spent all day today moving in.  Finally got it all done except for organizing my desk but I need a chair first.  My old one sucked so I left it home.  We got 10" at Breck last night but we were up pretty late and wanted to sleep and settle.  Jared pushed his flight back so we can go tomorrow.  Off to downtown now for night two.

Peace and good luck,


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