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December 22, 2021
As the mornings have come earlier and the muscles are being used more I'm slowly getting back into a morning schedule.  I love mornings when there's something to do, and heading to the slopes is about as good as it gets.  

I made it up to Keystone on a snowy Wednesday morning after finally signing my lease and getting a PO box.  There's no mail delivery service here in Summit county.  It was snowing big fluffy flakes like the ones kids make out of paper.  I've only skied Keystone on a Saturday night so didn't know anything apart from the front side.  I was thoroughly stoked with the South peak, tons of blacks through the trees with excellent snow.  

I rode up my third chair with a girl named Naomi going to CU Boulder.  She looked cute but after distance and darkness, ski attire is a woman's next best friend.  You never know really.  I asked if she wanted to do a run and she accepted, we did a black bump run through trees that was awesome.  At the bottom the run flattened off into a long catwalk, so I came off the run with a stong head of steam.  I saw a sign that said, "Caution: Ice Flow."  I'm unsure how I'm supposed to be cautious for ice flows, but I didn't want to get stuck on it so I continued full speed down the hill.  In the middle of the tracks were a few whoop-de-doo's and I hit the first one pinned.  It bounced me ass over teacup, and then it was sky-snow-sky-snow a few times until I came to a rest laying on my back and laughing.  My hand hurt.  

I'm sure she got a good show as she pulled up carrying a ski that fell off, made sure that I was okay, and then laughed at me.  She didn't want to go for another run, but I did cause even with that crash I was feeling great, just ripping down the bump runs.  I spent a while out, eventually had lunch in the Village, and then headed back home.  I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way and bought Fallout: New Vegas, spent some time playing that, and then went out for the evening.  

Had a delish dinner of BBQ trout at the sister place to the sushi joint and then headed to Johnny's for ladies' night.  There's like this ladies' night circuit in Summit, a different place every night gives the booze away to the women and thus crowds are attracted.  Johnny's gives away PBR and well's from 9-midnight.  I didn't know anybody besides staff and wasn't feeling overly social so called it a night somewhat early and went to sleep.  

Woke up early the next day to blue skies and seven fresh inches of powder.  I decided to head to Breck since I was shooting a PokerVT video that afternoon and wanted to make sure I made it.  More excellent snow conditions, another fine day on the mountain.  I found this little bistro near the gondola parking lot that serves a sandwich, salad, and a pint for $9.  It was fantastic stuff too I'll be going there more.  

The game was .20-.40 8-game, and I got crushed.  I've never knowingly played against somebody who's seen my videos or read my articles and I don't want to anymore after that beating.  I mean I guess it coulda been variance but I just wasn't winning pots.  Should be a fun video though, I recorded it live and will do another going over everybody's hand histories to review the session.  

Today's Friday and I again woke up early.  My hand that I hurt Wednesday thankfully didn't hurt anymore.  I was like 40% that it was broke yesterday and intended on going to have it checked out today if it hurt, but I totally forgot about until I had made coffee and put in a morning session.  I won about $400, went to the toilet and somehow remembered my hand, was stoked that it didn't hurt, and heard a snap when I attempted to flush the toilet.  Turns out the twist-ties used to repair the chingadero between the lever and plug in the back pot last time it broke failed themselves today.  That sent me on a mission to find one of those chingaderos which took me to Wal-Mart, and I bought a replacement plug with a chain figuring that I could make that work.  I did, but now the flushing power is significant decreased.  I need to call a plumber or eat healthier from now.

My friend Cory is coming out to visit tomorrow, so I guess it's the official grand opening of Chalet de Devo, our friend that lives in a ski town with vacant couches.  We'll both head back to the airport on Tuesday when she'll head to LA and I'll go to Vegas to get my car to drive to LA.  

Peace and good luck,

@UB Dan Harrington duh

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