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December 24, 2021
My last weekend in Vegas a couple of old friends from Forest Home were in town to run a half marathon and wanted to hang out Friday evening.  Of course, I've known y'all forever and would be happy to go play.  Friday night lasted until Saturday night, not because anything happened or interests sparked but because Vegas happened.  I drank too much to drive, so I slept in that bed, they slept in the other.  Good morning, lets get breakfast.  I've gotta get work done on the truck because I'm leaving town tomorrow, my favorite breakfast place is in Boulder City we can drop the truck off on the way.  Lets go look at Hoover Dam, perhaps take the damn tour.  I need to get my motorcycle to Jared's place, will y'all help please?  Hang out there for a bit, well I got shit to do so lemme take y'all back, thanks for hanging nice to see you have a good run tomorrow.  

Cory I've known longer, and have always been interested in her one way or another.  She's known that and made it clear over the last decade that she's not interested, so that's water under a bridge long since past.  Joy and I only worked one summer together and not very closely, so I got to know her better in those 24 hours than I did the entire summer of 2002.  Apparently they did a bit of talking about me over the next day, with Joy basically telling Cory that she didn't understand why we weren't dating and Cory not having an answer.  We like the same things, have the same dreams, and like living life the same way.  So she passed this on to me, mentioned that she thinks maybe she should cash in on an opportunity, and I responded with sweet.  Do it.  Not a woman alive besides her that I would have responded that way to, less than a month after a pretty intense relationship and less than two hours after moving to the mountains for the winter.

Do I want a relationship now?  No.  Do I want a long distance relationship?  Hell no.  

I do want a woman that I am proud of.  One that makes me want to be a better man without saying a word.  I want somebody that I can have kids with, that doesn't think children means no more camping until they're old enough.  I want somebody easy going, smiley, and affectionate.  I want somebody who is happy without me and happier with me.  I want somebody who is headed the same direction that I am and will make a helluva teammate.  I don't want dumb dates anymore, one night stands, or anything of that sort.  So, resigned to growing a big ass beard and covering it with 300 inches of powder this winter whilst working my ass off in the meantime, Cory shows up and says I like beards.  She fits the list and always has and now wants to give things a shot.  

I'm not saying no.  I think it's idiotic to pass on something because the world says that you're supposed to.  Don't start a relationship shortly after another because it's a rebound.  Why?  Cause you're not over the other person yet.  What if I am?  You're not.  No, really, when you are looking long term and a relationship won't work long term, it's not hard to get over.  Well you still need time to get to know the other person.  But I already do.  What if there's somebody better that I won't meet because I'm seeing somebody a thousand miles away?  What if the sun doesn't come up tomorrow? 

So bring it.  Come to Colorado lets hang out.  We've been friends for ten years, things will be fine, worst case we have a mildly awkward weekend together.  Best case we start something that we're really excited about.  I picked her up at the airport on Saturday.  Spent a few days playing in the snow that didn't stop until this morning, and drove her back today on Tuesday.  Now I'm writing this on an airplane to Vegas.  Truck's parked in Denver.  She's on a plane somewhere in front of me heading for Long Beach.  I'll see her again on Thursday, and she's flying back out with me after Christmas.
Turns out I'm really excited and the chemistry we were investigating exists.  I had no idea what to expect last week, and am still blinking my eyes in shock wondering if that really just happened, wondering what the future's going to look like, but not caring because it'll be here when it is.  I can't make tomorrow get here any faster by sweating it, I can only control the decisions that I make now.  I don't want to see other people.  I do want to pursue you.  So we are.  And it feels really, really, good.

Peace and good luck,

About to have 2nd breakfast and break in my new (and first) cast iron skillet.

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