Vacation's Over: A New Routine
January 7, 2022
New Year's Eve was perfect.  Band at Johnny's was awesome.  Crowd was perfect.  Walked home in below zero temperatures under a beautiful night sky.  

New Year's Day was just like it is supposed to be.  We cooked biscuits and gravy, bacon, and coffee downstairs while Steve made eggs and mimosas upstairs.  He finally retrieved his stuff from San Diego and now the place is furnished with more than patio chairs he's borrowing from the deck.  The four of them are now around his dining table, and with one of my Bass Pro Shops chairs we had a party of five a few nights prior and a breakfast party today.  He needs cinder blocks for the chairs though cause we're all chin tall on the table.  Breakfast led into cribbage which inspired bowling.  It was still below zero outside, and although sunny, it was equally as windy and good only for lookin' at.  

The county bowling alley is awesome.  12 lanes in a cozy environment, full bar, 5 pool tables, shuffleboard, and arcade.  We had a good ol time, called it quits before dinner and went for teppenyaki.  It was too crowded so we settled for sushi which was remarkably tasty for a thousand miles from salt water.  

We took it easy that night and watched "Away We Go!"  The soundtrack was awesome and I immediately bought it after the credits rolled.  It features this dude named Alexi Murdoch, a Scottish singer-songwriter that sounds like Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson's love child.  The movie was indy and fantastic along the lines of Garden State.  

Sunday was go to the airport day.  Bummed to see Cory go but stoked for a fantastic week together.  After Steve and I dropped the girls off we headed straight for Blackhawk.  I got my name on the 30-60 list at 5pm and finally was seated in a game at 9pm.  First hand the music kicks in like Rounders, except I only have ATo.  

A player limps.  I raise the cutoff.  Button 3 bets.  SB calls.  BB 4 bets.  Limper calls as do the rest of us.  5 ways, $120 each to the T92 flop.  Check, bet, call, I raise, call, fold, call, call.  Turn a deuce, check, check, I bet, they all call.  I forget what the river was, checks to me, I bet, fold, call, fold, and I beat JTo.  Asian aces as Joseph Cheong called them once, the cold 4 bet capper unfortunately flops top pair and gets taken to kicker school for a $1200 pot.  Ahh just like the good ol days.  

Before the orbit is complete I win another bigger, this time with AQ over a 62o that called 3 cold behind me and turned bottom two pair on an ace high board.  He still decided to bet $60 on the A96, 2, 9 board into a $1500 pot after I bet/called the turn.  

Love that game, good start to the new year, and I'm feeling pretty dang good.

On the way home we catch snow from the Eisenhower tunnel in.  That morning I wake up and see sunshine and read a snow report that says Breck got 6 inches.  It's Monday on the day that everybody went home and to work.  Steve and I head to Breck and turn around without even parking.  The gondola lot is full as is the economy lot.  F this.  Cooper or Keystone?  Keystone is free, we head there, have an epic day, and stop by the store on the way home.  It was invaded by two bus fulls of Illini.  Turns out it's college week and there's a ton of college ski clubs here.  

I head home motivated to work only to have the worst day of cash that I've ever had on UB.  I do however take 2nd in the $7k guarantee for like $1300 after a grueling heads up match, good to make me about break even in tournaments.  Sleep shortly thereafter, wake up around 9, feel a little sore from skiing so take the day off to work some more, feeling good about how I played yesterday.  I had a decent day in cash but ran atrociously in tourneys, bubbling one and getting it in good more often than not just to lose.  Last year was good but I want to work a little bit more this year, hopefully finding the perfect balance between work and play.  I'm almost there.

Peace and good luck,

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