Best First Week Ever
January 11, 2022
Being that ladies' night at Johnny's is Wednesday I worked the early schedule.  I had some almosts in tourneys and a good day in cash to break even.  Finished in time to walk to main street, have sushi, and be sitting at the bar in Johnny's half an hour after they started giving the booze away to the ladies.  

These Wednesdays crack me up.  This usually sleepy little bar becomes the busiest joint in Summit County.  I was joined by Steve from upstairs and Matt, then by the lesbians.  Turns out they're not together, and only one is a lesbian.  So now the lesbians are one straight chick with a lot of lesbian friends, and all are still awesome.  Stoked to have them as friends.  We played darts and drank beer and sometime around 1:30 I decided I was done and walked home.  Apparently I decided to take a shortcut over the river and through the woods, and judging by the two feet deep tracks still in the snow outside my door I chose my route poorly.   I then made another poor decision and decided to play 100-200 8-game.  A bunch of poor decisions and a little bit of run good strung together made me a $2k winner in one round of games though.  

Thursday I woke up with the obvious hangover and a jonesin' to go ski.  But my head hurt and the bed sure was comfortable.  I finally hit the road around 11am heading for Vail due to the wind forecast and had an excellent few hours on the slopes.  That place is huge, over 5500 skiable acres, and I spent the afternoon going places I hadn't been to before.  

At home I started cooking lunch, a grilled chicken club sandwich.  I cooked the bacon and bread too fast though so had a BL sandwich first and then a grilled chicken breast after.  Feeling good I started the evening session.  I had like half an hour to kill before the tournaments started so played some 20-40 8 game and won a dime.  Good start.  

I just wouldn't bust in tournaments.  I was playing great and running above average.  After 7 hours and 13 events I had cashed in 6 for over $13k.  I won the $109 turbo for $9100, 4th in the 100r for $3800, bubbled the UB $20k final table, and had 3 other small cashes.  Also won another nickel playing $1-2 NL on UB.  Matt and Steve were having a bonfire outside my window when I won the belt, heard me cheer when I won and they cheered back.  Fun times.  They had a pretty good day too, Matt hearing that he landed a $30k contract and Steve enjoying the rise in the market this year.  I talked them into going to Johnny's to celebrate and we did.

Wasn't sure what I was going to do when I woke up this morning.  I didn't want to ski and I didn't want to take it off, I did want to work, and since that's pretty rare and everybody good at online poker is in the Bahamas I'm working today.  I played the day schedule and am now 1 tabling, am 75/195, and need 7th or better to win money today.  I was up $20k this week going into today though so can't complain about a $2k dinger today.  

Party at the 1 straight chick and a bunch of lesbian's place tonight.  

Peace and good luck,


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