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January 14, 2022
We didn't take 7th or better and concluded the first week of the year up $18k.  Awesome.  Friday night I went over to the girls' place had a good time, and was invited to go to Keystone with them the following morning.  I'm not too keen on going up on Saturday since most of the Front Range shows up too.  I'm taking the day off anyways so will focus on the hanging with new friends rather than the skiing, do some sloping instead.  

I admit I had a pretty bad attitude when we had to park in the far away lot.  Especially when we had to wait to get on a shuttle.  But then with each wipeout witnessed from the chair my mood increased.  Usually I only get one good crash show a day, today I got two on my first chair.  We averaged one yard sale per chair and the lines weren't thaat bad.  Plus in the middle of the day we hiked out into the back bowls and caught an epic run through the Tele Trees, lots of deep, clean snow days after our last storm.  

After skiing we went to some Mexican place for happy hour and football, way to go Seahawks, and then I took a few hours off for dinner, shower, and relax.  We were meeting back up at the Snake River Saloon in Keystone around 9pm for some local jam band.  I decided to check out the free bus system and drove over to the Frisco Transportation Center in time for the 8:30 bus to the Silverthorne Transportation Center for the 8:45 bus to Keystone.  

Right on schedule we left STC headed for Keystone.  It's like 5 miles up the hill so I expected to be there by 9 easily and then we started taking detours through neighborhoods.  Half an hour later I was 3 miles down the road and the girls wanted to know where I was.  Turns out they were leaving from where the bus was about to stop right then so I got off at the next stop and into their car.  Nice.  Kidnapped from a bus by one straight chick and three lesbians.  

We had an awesome time at the Snake and then left to go across the street to the Goat.  When we walked in the doorman asked for ID's and $5 cover.  One of the girls whined, "Aww, $5 cover again?"  The guy flipped out.  I hear this shit every night.  If you don't like it go to the Snake.  Blah blah blah cuss cuss cuss acted like an ass.  Jen's like F this guy and this place, I agree, and three of five of us are outta here.  The other two are going in, she says something like you don't have to be such an ass, and he kicks them out too.  

We went to a local's joint, far superior, and had a good rest of the night.  F that guy indeed.  

Sunday I planned on working all day.  I did.  Made some good runs and came up winners about $500, pretty disappointing considering the multiple 5 and 6 digit scores I fell short of.  But a winner on Sunday is an above average day indeed.  

Since it had been snowing all day and all the tourists left that night, I was pretty stoked for a powder day on Monday.  I woke up not feeling so hot so took my time getting going and eventually made it to Breck with Jen (straight girl) and Joe (new roomie with the girls).  It was cold that day.  Jen lasted 2 runs before retiring to the bar and Joe was similar.  I spent about an hour out there by myself and did a couple runs through the terrain park for the first time this year.  I hit a bunch and all too slow, landing just shy of the downslope most jumps.  This is way harder on my knee but between the slow snow and my nitty speed checks I never gave myself enough speed to clear the dang things.  Kid's getting old.  

We went to another Mexican joint afterwards where a friend was working for happy hour.  Good times, I got whipped by the tired stick and wanted to get home, and eventually got sick later that night.  

Woke up the following morning feeling just as crappy.  I went to the natural foods place looking for drugs, they didn't have any.  Wal-mart did though, but they wanted to see my ID before selling me Advil Cold and Sinus.  That I didn't have.  Nor did I know where it is.  Now I'm sick, missing my ID, and can't get the drugs to fix my sinuses.  Plus it's five outside.  FML.  

The night before I was trying to scan some documents and failed to get the printer/scanner working due to a "missing driver".  I deemed the problem to lie in my USB cable that had been sitting on the electric heater for an undetermined period of time, charred to a crisp.  Armed with a new cable I resumed my task, pleased to discover that the cable was in fact bad and successfully printing a test page.  Double click scan, get the same missing driver error.  Go nuts.  Break things.  Not really but felt that way.  Finally find the right program and driver, scan the documents, and see a digital image of my ID on my monitor.  Ah ha!

Things are looking up.

Peace and good luck,

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