January 18, 2022
I was sick this week.  Not the super miserable kind but the kind that keeps you at home because you feel miserable.  Tuesday it was all in my nose.  I sneezed over a hundred times and ripped through a box of Kleenex.  After finding my ID I was pretty stoked so decided to work a bit.  Played well but ran poorly, losing about $1500.  I didn't leave the house at all Tuesday.  

Wednesday I was feeling decent, sickness still in my nose but not as bad, except today I had a sore throat.  I worked the day schedule, losing in tournaments and winning in cash, basically breaking even.  The girls said they were coming over for ladies night and I motivated myself to leave the house.  Jack's always been good for sore throats.  

It's been great getting to know these girls.  Jared and I met Missy and Jenny our first week here at ladies' night at JohnnyG's.  Since both the bartenders were girls and I was paying for my drinks and they knew me, it was a rare occurrence where I got my drinks before the pretty girls.  I ended up standing next to Jenny, got my drinks first, ordered her a shot, and then we met Missy.  She asked Jenny what she was shooting (Jaegerbombs), then said "goodbye" after the response.  We met the rest of their friends, had a great time, and then they informed us that they were crashing at our place.  Sure no problem.  

Jared had mentioned that they had to be lesbian lovers, I disagreed but by the end of the night I was convinced that he was right.  Jenny and Missy came over, Jenny was smashed and passed out on the couch, the rest of us had a jam session upstairs.  That night I tweeted, "I'm listening to a lesbian couple have a fight on my couch."  About a week later Jenny invited me out, I hung with her and six friends, and they were all lesbian.  All were good at drinking, darts, laughter, and a lack of drama.  I had a fantastic time.  If I needed a wingman, I'd pick any one of them.  Then Christmas happened, Cory and I happened, and we were back here before New Years.  I invited them over for a BBQ, Jenny came, and her and Cory got to talking.  Jenny said she wanted to find a boy.  I ask her what about Missy?  Turns out she's not lesbian and they get that all the time.  

Anyways, they showed up.  It was their friend Lindsey's birthday, she was on another planet and constantly fretting about her boyfriend.  Met Van and Stan.  I asked her what her story was.  She said, "Well, I moved out here 24 years ago for the winter, met him, and never left."  Awesome.  They had fantastic countenances and I feel like 24 years in a place like this will do that to you.  Met Erin, a girl that Missy met playing hockey.  Ice hockey.  We played darts, closed the place down, went home and repeated the initial night.  Great time.

The next morning I felt like hell.  The illness wasn't quite gone and now I'm hungover with the beer farts.  Bill Cosby says something about this is what we call a good time.  Hell yeah it was a good time.  The beginning and middle were amazing.  I spent the entire day working.  I did a review of my turbo win last week and then shot 1hr 4 tabling $2-4 LHE for PokerVT.  I'm happy with how they came out.  I played the evening schedule and booked a $3k winner, but I totally punted the $75k final table.  

7 players left, $2k+ for 7th, $18.5k for 1st, top 5 are all really close in chips and we're in the middle, two stacks that are next to be in the blinds are at 10bbs.  At 3k-6k/something the button opens to 14k, SB calls, I squeeze to 48.5k with T5o.  I'm not expecting the button who has 250k and barely covers me to flat.  I was wrong, he calls.  SB folds.  Flop AsXsXx.  Perfect, they usually have like 99-JJ when they flat here, but rarely QQ and never KK+ or AK.  I bet 25k of 205 effective, he makes it 55k, there's no way he has AA or AK and might fold AQ and will fold all smaller pairs so I'm all in.  I was wrong and he snapped with AK.  


Good news though for the day, I renewed my deal with UB for two more years.  Very stoked about that.  Good to book another winning week, however my glorious spew cost me about $5k in equity.  Knee's been strong, hand hurts still.  Cory and my sister Sarah are here this weekend and that's going to be great, Bill arrives tonight too and will be here for the week so I'm sure I'll see him a bit.  Then I think I'm going to go to the WSOPC main down in Oklahoma on the 23rd and use that to knock out 3 of my 13 remaining states by heading to Nashville via Arkansas.  Then I fly to LAX on Feb 4th for Cory and the LAPC.  

It's gonna be a good year.

Peace and good luck,

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