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January 25, 2022
Wednesday morning I woke up pretty sore and set out intending to be productive.  I worked a bit in the morning, then went to the Butterhorn for a smörgåsbord of a breakfast.  Crossiant, coffee, OJ, water, french toast, eggs, and bacon.  I usually only have half of these personal buffets but it all went down the chute today.  Went to the market for groceries, and then finally got fed up with the road noise produced by my FM transmitter for the iPod.  It's been driving me nuts lately and screw it I'll pay a few hundred bucks for a new head unit with a 1/8" AUX input.  I find the local chop shop custom car place over in Silverthorne and head over not sure what to expect.  

I say that I want a remote starter and a new stereo-ish that'll make it easy for running my iPod.  But my truck is old and will be replaced soon so I don't want to sink too much money into the thing.  

"Oh it's easy to transfer equipment from this truck to your new truck."  Well in that case start at the top and work down.  I really thought I might be leaving the place a few thousand poorer with that piece of information.  Sound systems were a hobby in high school and I've always wanted a kick ass one, now I have the opportunity to do so and it'll even move to the new truck with me.  I wanted a remote starter, new head unit, speakers, an amp, and 1 10" sub.  Turns out the remotes are a pain to switch so I passed on that and a 10" sub wouldn't fit under my back seat and 8" is too small.  So they only got me for a sick head unit and 4 new speakers and the rest I can do later.  

Back home, shovel over a foot of snow off my walkway, bring in the groceries, and finish in time to play the daytime UBOC.  I lasted about fifteen minutes.  Chilled out for a few hours, fired the evening schedule, and didn't have anything exciting happen until I got to Johnny's for ladies night.  My horse finished 2nd in a turbo for a few dimes, hooray.  Sick bastard tweets that his final table win streak is over, apparently in his last six final tables he won five and finished 2nd in this one.  Sweet.  I walk  home intent on skiing the next day, end up two tabling 100-200 8-game until 3:30am winning some bucks, and finally hit the rack.  

Wake up sore the next day.  I very lazily get going because it's another powder day and I want to get up but gosh am I sore.  Takes me an hour, some coffee, cereal, and a banana to shake off the haze and I finally get rolling toward Breckenridge.  It's a perfect bluebird day and I'm excited for a relaxed time on the mountain, but I arrive to two full parking lots.  Sigh.  Crowds are the anti-relaxant to me.  I drive around a bit trying to find some sneak route to the slopes and fail, eventually giving up and driving back home.  I'll have a lazy day at home.

I do, fire the evening schedule at 5pm, run terribly, and am two tabling in no time.  I passed on the 9pm EST tournaments because I was running poorly and getting frustrated.  One of those two tables was the $75k that I somehow didn't bust until 4th place for $6800.  I was significantly card dead the whole way and am quite proud of what I turned it into, turning nothing into winners way more than I usually do.  I'm making a video on it today for PokerVT, should have some fun hands to talk about.

Taking today off from online poker, may head up to Blackhawk with Steve or back up to Vail for Bill and company's last night in town.  

Peace and good luck,

Haha so much fun. They let me drive. #fb

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