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February 1, 2022
I final tabled the event that I hosted.  For some reason they've had me hosting HA the last few UBOC's, even though pot limit Omaha is my worst game.  I made a good run at winning the thing but couldn't close and settled for my 5th place finish and a few thousand dollar profit. 

Wednesday I worked all day.  Cleaned up the apartment after breakfast and before my session, and then the grossness began.  Over 4 hours I registered for 22 tournaments for $3k+ in entries.  5 hours in I had one min cash in a $55 freezeout and two short stacks remaining to show for it.  I squeaked out a min cash in one of the UBOC events for my 4th this series, tying me for 2nd overall, and making my loss not quite as bad.  The good news though is that my horse won an LAPC event!

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Ryan Tepen wins event 6, a $335 O8 event, but he made a deal so only took a little over $16k.  Hooray turns out today's a winning day too!

I celebrated at Johnny G's Ladies' Night, always a great time.  I woke up Thursday with a headache like my head against a board but had an appointment to have a stereo installed in my truck that forced my ass into motion.  Missy picked me up and saved me from having to sit in the shop for hours.  Good times with good people.  We talked about the women in our lives and turns out our overall opinions are nearly identical.  

System's sweet, I got a new head unit and speakers, sounds way cleaner now and no more road noise with my iPod.  I spent the evening chilling out, 1 tabled the UBOC event trying to win the most cashes title, I took 64th with 54 making the money.  Was way card dead and then finally got 10bbs in with TT and ran into Zach Clark's pocket aces.  

Today was a fantastically beautiful bluebird day.  My new friend Greg and I spent the afternoon at Keystone and it felt like spring.  Conditions were fine and the weather was absolutely perfect, easily the most beautiful day of the season.  Greg just moved to Frisco a couple of weeks ago from Ft. Lauderdale and I kicked his ass all over the mountain today.  It was good for him though and he did well and we both enjoyed a good day.  

I'm single tabling the UBOC event again in my quest to win the best casher award.  I lost half my stack in the 2nd hand, then made the nuts on the river to 2.5x up, and then just played a hand where the villain limp/called pre, check/called JTXr, check/check a 2nd heart X, and then he bet pot on a Qh river.  My first instinct was to fold, but then I wanted to call because my hand was just too strong, and eventually ended up raising because I felt like my one pair really was beat by two but I could get a better hand to fold.  He folded, I'm 20/337 seeking UBOC cash #5.  

Peace and good luck,

Busto the $545 nlhe AK<AJ, on to the $1065 8 game that started 18 minutes ago. #fb

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