The Horse and the Hooptie
February 4, 2022
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Yuuuuuuuup!  The kid did it again.  Same camo hat, different color Mizzou hoodie, and his 2nd title through 15 events at the LAPC.  F yeah, that puts him on top of the points standings, and it kicked off what turned into a helluva night here in Colorado.  

Last week Jared called me and said he wants to come out.  I told him I'd pay for a trip out here as a Christmas present, but I wasn't going to buy the $500 flights that were the only things available this weekend.  I also couldn't pick them up at the airport on Sunday due to the UBOC main event.  They booked plane tickets and a rental car for a bunch of money.  Mac was thinking to himself, there's got to be a better way.  So he went onto Craigslist and looked at "Cars under $500".  He bought the 2nd one he found for $200.  It's an 89 Buick Century with a chopped top and tiger striped interior.  They left Vegas at 1am on Sunday and drove it here, spending $100 on gas.  Check this out.  

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Bahahahahaha.  We tied one off Sunday night, woke up a little slow Monday morning, and then Mac and I drove the thing to Keystone.  Heads turning everywhere and fist pumps coming from the ski bums.  It was awesome, but very much cold on the way back when it was snowing.  

We swapped El Gato Negro for the truck and picked up Jared at home, had a sweet dinner at the Boat Yard, took the skis and boards to get waxed, and stopped by the booze store for PBR, Jaeger, and Baileys.  That launched a Guitar Hero session that was rocked so hard we opened the window to let in 6 degree air form outside.  We played that until we broke it, many Jaeger-bombs down the chute from mason jars and PBR cans strewn about.  Then we hear that Ryan won his tournament, head to Jonny G's, and really let the celebration fly.  And that's when things get fuzzy.  

Throughout the morning various stories from various sources have painted a picture of a great time last night.  While climbing into the truck I see tracks in the snow that look like somebody fell out of the passenger seat and rolled down the hill about 5 feet in deep snow.  Turns out that it was the tracks of me throwing Jared down the hill and then the wrestling match that ensued.  We had an awesome breakfast telling stories and laughing, kicking around ideas of what to do when it's six below with windchill to -30 outside.  I said sitting on the couch sounds perfect and instead that's what they've done while I've worked.  It's hard writing blogs and crunching numbers after a horse's win.  :)

I just heard Jared say from the living room, "Jaeger-bomb?"   

It's been the best start to a year ever and possibly the best month of my life.  I kissed my dream girl at midnight on New Year's Eve.  She professed her love to me the following morning.  I won over $50k playing poker, about $20k of that while drunk.  I re-signed with UB for an additional two years and a deal that I'm pleased with.  I skied 103,914 vertical feet over 9 days on the mountain.  My horse won at least two tournaments and made a bunch of final tables online, he may have won one or more I can't remember... they all blur together.  He cleared makeup 5 days straight.  I haven't injured myself, I'm happier than ever, and I've been waking up with a smile every day for almost two months now.  

Peace and good luck,



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