The Calm Before the LAPC
February 9, 2022
At one point early Wednesday morning the wind chill had it a frigid 49 below zero, the coldest weather Jared and I have ever experienced.  So that day when Mac wanted to go snowboarding I politely declined.  It was way too cold to drive the hooptie home, considering the National Weather Service released a statement that states bare skin exposure will result in frostbite within ten minutes.  Plus, thanks to the 42 Jaeger-bombs lined up in front of me over the past three days I felt like I got run over by a whole team of trains.  I'm gonna do my thing on this bean bag chair day and you guys can do whatever you want.  

They went home.  Plan A was initially to drive home today, but Summit County has a way of erasing days and deadlines and keeping people in a perpetual state of stoked.  The air is clean, the views breathtaking, the people are good, and the beer is cheap.  I certainly don't want to leave but my accountant informed me that I need to maintain Nevada residency unless I want to donate 4.62% of my taxable earnings to the State of Colorado.  I like Dusty's idea about having a place out here though because I'm living life where and how I want to here, yielding big wins and smiles.  

As requested I didn't do shit Wednesday.  I made a sandwich, laid on my Love Sac and played Fallout: New Vegas until I got hungry again.  I mustered the motivation to leave the house, mostly due to laziness and the lack of a desire for cooking or anything edible in my kitchen.  I wanted greasy ass Mexican food, for some reason delicious after outdoor physical activities and the day after rigorous drinking.  That adventure lasted 45 minutes and I was right back in the Love Sac, initiated the final quest too early and got whipped by the boss man multiple times until I gave up.  

Thursday started me with a long list of things to accomplish prior to my departure for Los Angeles.  Breakfast was first, then I put money in my landlord's account for February and March, and then hit the post office.  I hadn't been there in a week, found three envelopes in my PO Box, all tax documents, which I didn't even open on their way to my tax folder.  That I then shipped to my accountant in Georgia and went home to see about the washing machine that wasn't working yesterday.  

We finally decided that the washing machine wouldn't function because it was frozen.  It's inside, but its in the coldest corner of the house.  Steve disconnected the dryer vent to turn the laundry room into a sauna which thawed the washer and it finally started.  Sweet.  Half an hour later I go to change loads and the washer is full of the first cycle's water.  It made it through the fill 'er up stage but that's it.  Thank God the load was the linens that Mac slept on instead of half my clothes for LA.  

That gave me time to work before going to a nice dinner which earned me $800.  We went to this kick ass place called Relish in Breckenridge and then had a few drinks at Jonny G's for my last night in town.  Place is way less crazy without a bunch of bartenders from Vegas trying to run the joint out of Jaeger.  Made it home reasonably, finished packing, and went to sleep for the last time before getting to see Cory again.  

So, I'm in a Colorado Mountain Express van heading down the hill to Denver International Airport for a Southwest flight to LAX.  Ten of us are packed into a van and the only person comfortable is riding shotgun.  Conversation, handshakes, and name exchanges have been non-existent.  Kinda surprising to me but this is the best option to get up and down the hill to the airport I think I just got a bad draw.  I'm very stoked to be in LA for a while, not excited about living at the Commerce for a month, I'll probably start going insane somewhere around the WPT Invitational.  Cory and I have a couple weekends booked which are going to be fantastic, the first one coming immediately which we're spending in Palm Desert.  I'm about to go through an almost 100 degree temperature swing in 24 hours.  

I'm excited to play some live tournaments again.  It's been since the 5 Diamond prelims, over two months.  I'm excited to be around Cory daily.  I'm excited to be handed a pile of cash from my points leader horse and cheer him on to the win.  I'm excited for this year!

Peace and good luck,


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