My Week 1 at the LAPC
February 16, 2022
I roll into the Commerce Casino without identification or a credit card intent on checking into my hotel room.  First I ask the bellman if they've received a package in my name which should contain my wallet with the necessary documents.  That would have been a fun conversation, oh great you have my package, ID please, sure it's in the package.  Just open it.  Without a package though I had to settle for getting to have that conversation with the front desk.  In one long sentence I explain that I don't have my wallet and I'd like to check in and Matt Savage can verify my identity and I can leave a cash deposit.  I'm sorry my manager has to make that decision.  He's behind me at a desk next to the bell desk, is laughing, says I heard everything and calls Matt.  He hears something on the phone that leads him to believe this goofy looking bearded kid also bears my name, and just like that I'm in.  Park in the room, play some turbos on UB with Ryan, and hit the sack excited to play some live poker Tuesday.  

I'm on this wake up at 10am schedule which is quite perfect I think.  That gave me enough time to play for a few hours online, I played one cash game and four 45 man SNG's, finishing 2nd in two of them after getting it in good for the win in each match.  Feeling great about my play and the year and life in general I head downstairs to find food, do so in the way of a new 20-40 hold'em game.  My French toast ends up costing about $100 after getting two outed in a pot three feet long and twelve inches wide.  I head upstairs for the $335 nlhe event, draw a seat that it was impossible to win at, and am in the $545 Omaha 8 event by 5pm.

It was impossible to win there too.  I experienced a starting stack or greater for two hands all day.  I made one flush in Omaha, otherwise never had better than one pair.  Bluffs were impossible.  But, during the Omaha event, within ten minutes of each other I had $12k cash dropped from the sky onto the felt in front of me by Ryan who was flying by.  Then I handed $9500 of that cash to a dude I met that day in exchange for a $10k main event seat.  I'll buy as many seats as people will sell me for that price. 

After busting the Omaha I spent some time with Cory, then she went to sleep early cause she goes to work super early.  I went downstairs looking for some cash action and found it at 100-200 O/E.  Game was excellent, I played for a few hours and booked a small win.

Wednesday was the $1k.  Ryan wanted to play it and, well, when you're winning everything and in the running for best all-around you can play whatever you want.  I lost a flip for a 48k pot like 50 left, he busted around 40th.  Fortunately or unfortunately that was late enough that neither of us ended up playing the $545 Stud8.  Played online that night, getting on an earlier schedule because I was getting out of town Thursday.  Three days of work really takes it out of you.  Gotta have vacations imo.  Lol.  

On Monday I called Wells Fargo in Commerce, CA and told them that I needed to make a $25k cash withdrawal no later than Thursday at noon.  I wanted to make sure I have all my bullets ready for Monday when I come back so I can fire hard for two weeks.  Three days notice is plenty of time for that amount in the LA area.  I called again on Wednesday to see if it was available or to make sure Thursday was taken care of, and then after packing up my room I called on Thursday around noon.  

The lady that answered the phone this time spoke a bit more intelligently and authoritatively than the other two people I had talked to that both talked to "service managers".  Turns out she's the branch manager and completely unaware of my need for cash and tells me that she can't do anything for me because it takes time to move that much cash.  Yes I know that's why I called Monday.  Well unless you talked to a manager I can't guarantee what they said.  Who'd you talk to?  I don't know who I talked to, I didn't think it'd be necessary to doubt what your staff told me over the phone, twice.  That goes back and forth a bit until she finally says that she'll call me back within half an hour.

Meanwhile I head downstairs to find a cash game.  I get a seat in a 30-60 stud game while I order a fruit plate and coffee.  Shortly thereafter I start a 100-200 stud game that I spend an hour or so in winning $2300.  I move over to 10-20 nlhe and lose $600 with AK on KTxQx to KQ.  Then my phone rings.  

Mr. Devonshire?  We have the cash you requested.  

F'n a.  Just in the nick of time to get it done today.  

Now just to drive across Commerce, by myself and unarmed, to pick up $25k cash and bring it back.  

Really long story short, this was zero problem because I look homeless.  I never even got looked at funny.  It's also remarkable how bad at cash banks are.  Cage employees at casinos are so infinitely better at handling money than bank tellers.  I stuffed my coat full of cash, drove back to the Commerce Casino, walked inside, dropped it off in a box, gave money to Ryan, and walked out the door in time to see Cory pulling up.  She threw her stuff in my car, we put the top down and were headed North for wine country on a beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Peace and good luck,



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