LAPC: My Week 2
February 22, 2022
Monday night I intended on playing the $1585 Chinese Poker tournament.  Ryan and I walked into the ballroom about fifteen minutes early and Sam told us about the $200 rebuy mega-satellite that guarantees a $10k seat.  Nobody had registered yet.  It started 45 minutes ago.  The two of us register, hoping for a sweet overlay.  We start three handed and are five handed quickly.  Guys.  Don't rebuy or add-on.  Please.  Less than an hour 'til the end of the rebuy period two clowns join.  They go all in dark and call several times for double stacks.  Then more people register.  They start another table.  More rebuys.  Some add-ons.  And after 75 minutes of play the prizepool totalled $11,700.  You morons.   That money you hated while having a dick measuring contest literally evaporated.  

This really annoyed me for a while.  Shortly before the end of the rebuy period I didn't care anymore though.  I realized that they just can't help themselves.  They aren't here to make the right play.  They are here to gamble.  If it wasn't for this overwhelming blatant disdain for dollars the action wouldn't be so good.  Gamboolers are gonna gambool so let em do it in peace without calling them idiots.  

Good thing they did though.  I got heads up with a 2-3 chip disadvantage, declined his offers of $3k to concede and taking 25% of his action, and asked for an even chop.  Why, I have more chips than you?  Because I'm better and more experienced than you.  He then wins every pot and I take 2nd for $1700.  Nothing I could have done, he always had a better hand.  

Tuesday I played a $545 nlhe, lost a huge flip, and registered for the $1065 8-game just a little late.  I put the money in drawing dead on the turn in PLO vs. Jon Aguiar.  I played the hand really bad.  I suck at PLO.  I played 100-200 Stud for most of the rest of the night, won over $2k, and went to sleep.  

The following day was the $1065 HORSE tourney.  Long story short:  It started at 1pm.  I busted in 6th place on the bubble at 6am.  I was playing very well and declined to make a deal to give 6th place money.  Tony Ma was especially upset about this since cashing = points.  He was on my left.  Everybody else was playing poorly and asleep at the wheel.  The money went in good every time, and 7th street was poor for me most of the time.  Very frustrating.  

Thursday meant a $1k nlhe.  I put the money in early with JJ vs a Frenchman's 3rd straight 30+bb shove and lost to his AQ.  I played cash online, won $350.  I played PLO with Eric Baldwin, Justin Young, Shannon Shorr, Will the Thrill, Mike Katz, Jesse I don't know his last name, and some dude that sat in the game by accident.  He thought it was 5-10 nlhe.  Once he saw how the 17 million in career tournament cashes were playing 5-5-10 PLO he stuck around long enough to hit the lottery getting AAxx in vs. J973 and QQxx and holding on two boards.  I quit up $400 when I was finally called for 100-200 stud.  Played that for three downs and quit at 4am up $19, toughest I've seen the game yet.  Then I went upstairs, played 10-20 and 5-10 mixed games, won another $500.  Finally fell asleep around 7am, schedule still whacked from the HORSE tourney.

Today's Friday.  I played the $335 shootout, got 3 handed with a small chip lead and a 20bb average stack, lost 3 straight pots and was busto.  Have lost $300 online while ... just kidding only stuck $200 now.. while writing this blog.  Tomorrow's the WPT Invitational and I'm stoked for that, gonna go find food now.  I've been on the 1-2 stud list for 3 hours and they haven't called me yet.

Peace and good luck,


55,000 end of day 1. They tortured me a lot that level. Restart at noon PDT tomorrow. #fb #TeamUB

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