LAPC: WPT Invitational Weekend
February 26, 2022
I ended up getting food at North Woods Inn, my all time favorite restaurant.  Came back to play 100-200 stud and ran badly, losing somewhere over $3k.  Game was great but lots of my two pairs lost and my only three of a kind or better was folded (correctly) on 7th street.  

Saturday was the WPT Invitational day, always an excellent time.  I had to drive to my Mom's place to pick up my dress shoes I left there after waking up, spent the afternoon playing online and drinking wine, and met up with a bunch of the cool kids to pre party.  The night became a blur as it should, I busted with a couple minutes left in the day, and that ended up costing me about $4k.  

Sunday I played online with Tony Dunst while Cory went to traffic school online.  We all lost our asses and minds, got out for dinner at North Woods Inn again, and then I did an interview with some guys shooting a documentary about the history of online poker.  Spent the rest of the night chilling, watched Inception, and played a little more online.  

Monday was a $335 NLHE 100k guaranteed donkament with 30 minute levels.  It was perfect.  Kessler complained about it being the worst $300 he's played in a long time.  Don't you have better things to do?  I did and was happy to not spend all afternoon in it.  Those better things were 100-200 stud and then 100-200 O/E.  I won $5k and quit to have dinner someplace rad in Long Beach.

A not so stretch limo picked up four of us, took us to pick up two more, and then we headed to 555 East in the LBC.  Cory met us there and we had a rad dinner followed by drinks at Congregation.  The three dudes without girls that had to do things early in the morning turned it into a night while Jay, Mary, Cory, and I headed back to the Commerce.  Rad night.

Today I played the $1k.  I never had anything.  I couldn't win.  Played a bit online, can't win at tournaments, can't lose at cash.  I'll try again tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure I'm just storing up my run good for the main event.  

Peace and good luck,


3 months ago
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