LAPC WPT Main Event Day 1
March 1, 2022
My LAPC has been nothing but torture this week.  I jinxed myself with that statement about not being able to lose at cash.  I lost $3k playing 1-200 stud Tuesday night.  Slept.  Woke up Wednesday intent on playing the $545 shootout and then cash after.  I should have had a better idea.  I got heads up with a 3-1 chip deficit in the shootout against a guy that played lots of hands, didn't fold much, and said "Too pairs" on the river a lot after we finished putting money in.  I headed downstairs, sat in the 1-200 stud game, got tortured.  Made my first flush in the game this trip, ran it into a concealed boat.  First wired aces make too pairs on 6th when he catches a trey to go along with his wired treys.  Etc, etc.  It was gross, I lost a little over $5k, and quit needing to find some fresh air.  

I found Basebaldy, got a what's up text from DrunkPPlaya, and an adventure was born.  They accepted my idea to go to the Red Lion Tavern in Silverlake, this German Beer garden that I've enjoyed since college.  Three litre steins later (101 ounces) Base and I were feeling great, Tony drove us home (the Commerce), and another night was put in the books.  

I took Thursday off.  Took care of some errands then hit the road intending on having lunch on the beach.  I got out too late to get there and back before traffic so settled for El Pescador, one of the awesome local Mexican joints.  Cory met me and then we headed back to the Commerce to get ready for the hockey game that night.  Myself, Base, Justin Young, Tony, and Cory were hooked up with a car from the Commerce to the Staples Center for the Kings vs. Wild game.  The Minnesota boys had their own hookups and seats, we bet against each other, I had the Kings (-142) and over 5 (-104) and the Kings won 4-2.  Nice.  Ride home, call it a night getting ready for day 1 in the morning.

I liked my table draw, knowing the players to my right and not knowing the players to my left.  Turns out the players to my left tortured me.  I played a large pot in the first level when ADZ124 opened to 250 in early position at 50-100 with 30k to start.  Some guy I'd never seen with patches from a .ES poker site called, as did I with A2ss, and the button and both blinds came along too.  Flop 522r, ADZ bets 750, Espana calls, I make it 3k, 4 folds back to the Spanish hero who stands up and says, "I'm all-in."  He's already spewed himself down to about 26k and it takes me less than ten seconds to call.  If you have fives full then ya got me.  He turns up two tens and they don't improve.  I reach 57k, chip up to 60k, lose a few back, and do that for most of the rest of the first three levels.  I have a good fourth level climbing to 68k and then get all the way tortured in the fifth level, ending the day with 55,000.  Blinds are 200-400/50 and the average stack is 40k so we're super deep.  Lots of time and days to go, I'm excited to be in the hunt after day one, and would love to go home rich next week.

Peace and good luck,


Mmm it feels good to be back in CO and at my lucky IP addy, 2nd to last hand of night I win a flip for a $3k pot, I quit up over $3k. GN #fb

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