March 5, 2022
Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh February sucked.  I got way too excited about January and pissed off the Doomswitch Manager.  My live cash game graph looks like the first drop on a roller coaster, steadily climbing to a high point of +$7598 and then plummeting straight to stuck $3k.  I played a bunch of LAPC events, cashed in zero, bubbled in two.  My curse spread to my horse who didn't cash in anything while I was there but made a final table on Valentines Weekend while I was out of town.  I didn't play much online, ended up a small winner in cash games and sit-n-goes for the month but a big loser in MTTs.  I lived at The Commerce long enough to get mail there.  I hate LA; I dropped out of college in 2002 to get the hell out of town and refuse to live here ever again.  It's just too damn crowded and polluted.  And the people suck way more than most places.  FFS I got a brick thrown through my windshield from an overpass on the freeway a couple years ago.  

I got to thinking about my big months, February and June for the last few years, and I've lost for at least six straight.  I think I won in the 2008 LAPC, mostly from some big final tables online but I'm not sure.  I've run terrible in this place.  There's a strong chance that I'm a lifetime loser in LA even though I won a tournament here in 2006.  I can't help but wonder if it's because of how much I don't like waking up in Los Angeles but I've certainly gone to 6th street with the best pair and ended 7th street without being awarded the pot way more than I should have this month.  It sucks being on the shitty end of variance but it happens sometimes, it's just extra annoying in the biggest months of the year.   

So I just finished one of the worst months of my career.  I spent a weekend in Palm Desert.  I skied before that.  I spent 5 days in wine country.  I got lots of time with a girl I'm stoked on.  Life's great outside of poker and that's all that really matters.  I can't imagine how people deal with downswings that don't have much else going on in life.  I feel like all I did this month was play poker and due to the duration of run bad I felt pretty down this weekend.  But I did lots of other cool stuff and have plenty of good times to look forward to that have nothing to do with poker.  

Today's March 1st and I feel great.  It's a perfect Southern California day and a new month.  It feels like springtime.  Rent was paid a long time ago.  I had coffee, cereal, and caught up on two weeks of accounting, squaring off everything.  I made a video for PokerVT reviewing my 2nd place finish in the members only Pro Bounty tournament Sunday.  I'm very happy with the content and it's fun reviewing material containing hands with members who hopefully will ultimately watch the video themselves.  The dude that won deserved to do so, he played strong all final table and won a flip with nearly equal stacks, AK>55.

I'm excited to get going back to Colorado.  March is traditionally a great month with lots of snow and sunshine.  I'm gonna hit it hard for three weeks and then be back here for a trip to Kauai in the end of March.  

Rough month of work, yea.  Rough life, heck no.  

Peace and good luck,

Oh noes the dude from last night is here and just gave me the eyes.

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