Let's Go March!
March 9, 2022
Wednesday marked my journey back to Colorado.  This involved being lazy and spending time with Cory for most of the day, then franticly packing and heading to John Wayne for my flight to Denver.  I was delayed just long enough to miss the 9:30 shuttle heading up the hill so I had to wait for the 11pm.  Three Hazed and Infused ales later I was on the shuttle, lost $1k playing 25-50 10-game sitting in the front seat while we drove through Denver, and had a bladder that wanted to pop by the time we started heading up the hill.  I was dropped off first, Steve had arranged for my truck to be parked there, and I was hungry so I headed straight for Jonny G's.  A slice of pepperoni and a PBR later I felt welcomed home and happy.  The smog of Los Angeles is so depressing, I can feel my spirit smile here in the mountains.  

I ended up missing my cell phone that night.  I emailed the shuttle people who replied in the morning saying that they did indeed have my phone.  I picked that up in Silverthorne first, then headed to Safeway.  First a venti white mocha from the Starbucks inside the market, then fresh meat and cheese from the deli, and then I walked by the donuts.  One of those was going in my belly immediately.  I chose the white cake with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  It was delicious.  I picked up the rest of the usuals, Cheerios, 2% milk, sourdough bread, lettuce, and bananas.  

I had to convince the checkout clerk that the blue paper on the bottom of my basket represented a donut and he should charge me for one.  Third attempt was like, seriously, I picked out a donut and ate it already.  Please charge me for one regular donut.  I checked my PO box, it didn't fill up in 4 weeks of absence.  Feels sooo good.  No bills, they're all electronic and paid automatically now.  All I got was two checks, the newest issue of Outside magazine, Wells Fargo informing me that I changed my address from the Commerce Casino back to my address in Colorado.  Went to the bank to deposit checks.  Went home, didn't do shit for the rest of the day.  It was fantastic.  

Friday was much more exciting.  I woke up to six fresh inches on the ground and more falling from the sky.  I took my time getting ready knowing that I would be a bit rusty on my first day back.  I was but not nearly as bad as I was expecting and had an excellent afternoon.  By the time I had hit the slopes at Keystone the clouds had parted and it remained bluebird the rest of the day.  On the way back home I was cruising down Hwy 6 along Lake Dillon, windows down, Ben Harper cranked, and past a cop.  Within a second I looked at my speed, 64, and the speed limit sign that read 50.  He immediately started rolling.  FML.  I won a $145 speeding ticket.  Damn.

Went home, shoveled snow.  Started with the bed of my truck which completely filled in the time I was gone.  Then I moved to the pile of snow that accumulated in front of the my bedroom window blocking the view of Chief Mountain.  I lost that battle, much of it being snow that melted enough to fall from the roof and then turn into ice overnight.  At least I can see the top of one pine tree and some of the mountain now.  I then shoveled my walkway which was no problem and unwound inside.  Made a ham and salami sandwich on sourdough, finished <em>West of Jesus:  Surfing, Science, and the Origins of Belief</em>, and started <em>A Short History of Nearly Everything</em>.  I dug the former and am digging the latter.  I started the evening session at 5pm, immediately got 125 bbs in playing 2-4nl with two kings running into two aces that didn't win the pot.  Sweet.  I run way better in Colorado too.  

I had an average session, profiting about a dime all from cash games.  I busted my last tourney around 10pm and was jonesin' to get out of the house.  I showered and bundled up for a walk to Jonny's, had a fantastic night talking to fantastic people, walked home, and won another two dimes playing three tables of 20-40 8-game and 1 25-50 10-game.  It feels good to be home.  

Peace and good luck,


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