Spring Cleaning and some Win
March 11, 2022
Saturday marked the breaking point of my ability to live in a messy apartment.  I went on a spring cleaning spree that would make any housewife proud.  Five loads of laundry, cleaned and dusted every corner of my domicile including the toilet and trash can.  I did dishes, cleaned mirrors and glass, and organized my desk.  Feels really good.  Had carne asada and the like for dinner that night with Steve, the new housemate Brandy (who's a boy), and their friend Lisa in from San Diego.  A few of the neighborhood kids showed up too and we had a good ol' time that ended on the couch watching Dumb and Dumber.  I played some mixed games online that night, won a few bucks, and felt good after a productive day.  

Sunday was the ol' online grind.  I ran lol bad, like literally never had a chance in anything and my stacks all went straight downhill.  I really don't mind those days cause I'm done quick and didn't do anything wrong and they make me giggle.  I finished early enough to go to dinner and tried a new Italian place called Vinny's.  The waitress informed me that the 12 table dining room was owned by Vinny who is in the back cooking.  He takes pride in his food and if it sounds good then it's going to be good.  She was right.  Everything from the Louis Jadot 2008 pinot to the rigatoni I had was fantastic.  

Hung out with the same crowd from Saturday night.  We played a game of hearts and I got whipped, then I talked them into walking to Jonny's for karaoke night.  They accepted and I got Steve to walk to the bar instead of drive for the first time this winter.  We had an absolutely awesome time.  There was a moment when I looked around at the 30 or so faces in the place and every single one was super stoked.  Good times.  We walked home, I played mixed games online and won over $3k, enough to make the day a winner.  

Monday it was snowy and I woke up late, completely unmotivated to leave the house.  My knee has been acting up lately too and even though it was strong skiing last week I'm still nervous about it.  I played a bunch of 1-2 and 2-4 6 max tables for a couple of hours winning a few hundred.  Played xbox for a couple hours.  Played the online grind that evening, lost in semi frustrating fashion, and played more xbox for the rest of the night.

I felt the same way Tuesday morning so basically repeated the process.  Skipped the cash games for video games.  Played the tournaments, ran terribly in the homestretch until I short stack ninja'd my way to a Razz final table with less than three big bets.  After I found three low cards and a double up it was pure profit from there.  I steamrolled my way through the final table to the win and recorded it live for Poker VT.  I'm very pleased with how I played and how the video turned out.  The win of $1700 was enough to make me a small winner on the day.

Walk to Jonny's.  PBR and pepperoni pizza.  Then I start getting hit on by a chick who guides fly fishing trips.  She's rad and think's I'm a little too rad and I have to tell her that I have a girlfriend and am not interested in anything romantic but would still like to go fishing and I can bring my cute housemate Steve who might be.  She accepted, then said I have to go, and then I never saw her again.  It turns out I could have used a pretend girlfriend a few minutes later when the dude that replaced her next to me started talking.  

"Mumble, mumble."
"Mumble, mumble, mumble mumble ass?"
"... wat?"
He leans closer to me, "Mumble mumble mumble."
"WHAT?  I can't hear you."
"You have nice eyes."  He reaches both his arms out, strokes both my triceps, giggles, sheepishly shrugs his shoulders and leaves.  


I love gay people.  I don't like them touching me in a fashion that implies desire.

He materializes a few minutes later on the opposite side, the only chair between me and the end of the bar.  I deduce that he's mustering up the courage to ask me straight up if I like butt sex, a question that I don't want to face and a rejection that nobody likes to feel.  I ignore him enough for him to get the idea that I'm not interested, thoroughly enjoyed watching replays of the hockey brawl, and then he left.  A little while later he rubbed my back, leaned over my shoulder, told me that it's not my fault, and left.  Yeah, I understand man.  He left me alone after that.  

And then minutes later this dude named Zachariah replaced my squandered opportunity at free drinks and bought me a shot.  This was after he found out that I used to be a whitewater guide, something that he still does, but now he does it "privately".  The Arkansas River is the most heavily rafted river in the country.  There's seventy some odd commercial whitewater companies in operation and new permits haven't been issued in years.  It's unlikely that they ever will be, so if you want to charge people to go rafting you need to purchase a permit which are now worth a lot of money or do it on the down low, illegally.  

The bummer about this is it makes it illegal for me to put together a group of friends, charge them all $50 to cover food, beer, use fees, trailers, and everything else needed to run a whitewater rafting trip.  I don't have to put any money in my pocket to make this illegal.  Even if all the money goes to the cost of the trip, if one of my people tells a forest service person that they paid $50 for this trip, I'm going to jail and/or facing a big fine.  

I think the policy is absurd for true private groups and more care should be taken to apply it only to the pirate companies that are trying to turn a profit.  I'm not sure which of the two this dude is up to, but when he started giving me the pricing that he charges friends, friends' friends, and randoms it made me think it might be the latter.  I hope not cause he was a cool dude that I enjoyed chatting with and would like to go paddling with.  

Oh, and I played some mixed games online.  Won.

Peace and good luck,


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