March 16, 2022

I've felt a bit unmotivated lately. It kinda feels like I usually feel right after the WSOP is over, that brain dead, thank God it's over, let me go sleep for 18 hours and not talk to anybody for 36 more and I'll be fine. It hasn't quite been that bad, but on the other hand I haven't had the drive to get outside which is pretty unusual for me. Usually after the WSOP I'm itchin to get the hell outta town and go somewhere greener and cooler.

I certainly was ready to get out of LA and it's definitely cooler here but my mojo is amiss. I don't have a good reason why, nothing's got me down, it's just been how I've been feeling. So, I didn't do much this week. Woke up Wednesday, had breakfast, played online, ran so bad that I was done hours sooner than I should have, and went to get some food. I left the house to get some Mexican food, stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home and left with Red Dead Redemption. That consumed the rest of my evening (pleasantly so, the game is fantastic), and I was finally rustled to life when Missy called inviting me out for a drink with Erin. My best guy friends here are girls.

They left early and I walked down Main street to Jonny G's for Ladies' Night, the busiest place in the county on Wednesday nights. They literally give the booze away to all females from 9pm-midnight. I met Steve, Brandy, Matt, and a couple of girls from somewhere and we had a good ol night. That ended in a nine-tenths of a mile long snowball fight back to the house where we all piled in my living room listening to Slightly Stoopid by candle light.

As much as I wanted to ski Thursday morning the night before kept me in bed til noon and the hangover kept me on the couch til sunset. I left to have dinner at the Backcountry Brewery, it was meh, came home and filled in the dent on my Love Sac for the rest of the night. Red Dead Redemption is a fantastic game, an epic Western on the engine of the Grand Theft: Auto series. It feels like I've been dropped right in the middle of Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses. That's an era that I've always wanted to experience and it's been hard for me to put down the controller from riding horses along trains shooting bandits by the Rio Grande at sunset.

Friday came, was spent on the couch in the Old West, and then was disrupted for dinner. Turns out the Chinese place in town is fantastic. I cleaned up the place a bit and then wrote this thing, am getting ready to head down the hill to Denver to pick up Cory. Super excited to spend a weekend with her.

Peace and good luck,



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