A Beach Party, Poker, and Fishing
March 26, 2022
Yah I didn't go anywhere outside.  I left the house hungry, stopped by the bar at Hacienda Real, drank water and salsa, ate a big ass wet burrito, and went straight back home.  Laid on my bean bag chair, played Red Dead Redemption, and went to sleep.  The day made me feel more Scottish than Irish; according to my Mom's Dad I'm three quarter's Irish, but if that was the case I certainly would have had a beer at Hacienda Real.  

Saturday I woke up early feeling great for some reason.  The girls invited me to a beach party at A-Basin.  I wasn't sure exactly what this meant but I accepted.  They headed up early to get a spot on the beach, which turns out to be the entire South side of the main parking lot that marks the end of the ski area.  There's a picnic table for every two cars or so for a few hundred yards on the snow and it's a party especially on the weekends.  You can ski from the table up a lift and eventually come back to the same spot without ever leaving the snow.

I pulled into the parking lot a couple hours after they arrived.  It was full and there was a flag man waving me along in front of a gate.  I claimed to be meeting friends and had chairs and a cooler that I'd like to drop off.  He snap said no problem, there's usually spots open up front right now too.  I drove along the beach, couldn't find them, found a sweet spot amongst many open spots, and set out on hoof to find a bunch of lesbians and one straight girl.  I love hanging with these girls.  Found them about six cars later.  They were tailgaiting and drinking beer and all smiles and awesomeness.  I poured a 32 oz jack and diet and that's about how the rest of the day went.  Finally hit the slopes an hour later.  It was blown out up top, we had a good run from top to bottom along the East Wall, and at the bottom I had one look at the line and zero desire to wait for a ride to blown out icy slopes.  Especially when the alternative is a cold beer at high noon on a beautiful Saturday high country afternoon in a camp chair. 

Well I ended up not moving much for the rest of the afternoon.  When the girls finally came back they started lunch, pulling out a Coleman propane stove, brats and other stuff to cook, and I didn't do shit, eventually being handed a brat in a bun.  I love lesbians.  I ended up moving my truck close to theirs and we turned its bed into a sun deck.  The place turned into a block party that finally ended after 4pm when the place shut down.  Super awesome vibe and time, I want to spend lots of Spring afternoons there in the upcoming months.  

Ended up watching the fight at Jonny's, I was super impressed with Jones, just a superb fighter that dominated Hua.  I learned the next day that Jones had broken up a robbery hours before stepping into the octagon for the championship.  He and his boys were walking to some waterfall, watched a robbery in progress, ran the guy down and had him arrested.  Bad ass.  

I walked home, slept, and woke up ready to fire on Sunday.  I should have gone fishing as I lost $2999 in tournaments without a cash as well as small money in cash games.  I wasn't terribly motivated to pack for my flight the next day, but then I found out that I wasn't flying anywhere on Monday.  Turns out that the flight that I thought was on Monday really was on Tuesday.  Bitchen.  I just got a free day.  

I woke up early Monday, stoked to see sunshine, and headed out the door intent on going fishing.  I knew that I was surrounded by world class fly fishing but have never fished stream before and have no clue what to do with wet flies.  I stopped by Cutthroat Anglers in Silverthorne to ask where to go, it was a bit breezy so they sent me to the Lower Blue.  I had a fantastic drive North on 9, drove over the dam at Green Mountain Reservoir, and looked down a canyon at a river that I assumed had fish in it.  I chatted with the two guys walking up who didn't catch anything.  They left, and I put on my waders knowing that I had no idea how to pull fish out of that river but I was going to try anyways.  

I fell on my ass walking down the snowy/muddy trail.  I fished.  I never saw a fish.  Made a video blog, making fun of my consistent over ambition in early spring pretending it's summer.  Walked back up the hill, back in the truck South, and tried the river again.  Failure.  Admission of helplessness.  Back to the fly store.  Help please.

I asked if they had a guide available for the afternoon and they didn't, but the store was slow so they could help me.  I basically got a half hour seminar on how to fish wet flies on any river and specifically the Blue.  That sent me back out eagerly, I didn't catch anything but got a strike that was my fault to miss, and by the end of the day I was feeling really good about fishing a river.  I know that continuing down this learning curve will lead me to fish where as what I was doing that morning wasn't ever going anywhere.  It was a great day.

I spent the evening packing for my first camping trip of the year.  Cory and I are headed to Hawaii this week, spending 5 days on Kauai and intending on backpacking the Na Pali Coast.  Super stoked for that, I've never been and can't wait to go.  

Peace and good luck,


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