Vegas to Colorado
April 5, 2022
I wandered into the Aria Wednesday evening hoping to find a juicy 200-400 mixed game and instead found a 300-600 game with 5 studs and one guy I've never seen before going broke that hand.  200-400 is too big for my bankroll so I'm certainly not going to play a tough 3-6 game.  I head over to the Bellagio, take a seat in a 40-80 Baducey/Badacey/Deuce game with 6 Bellagio regs and am bored within an hour.  I win a couple hundred bucks and head to Musashi to meet Jimmy Fricke.  That place is fantastic.  After dinner I follow him to Panorama to meet his dog Oscar.  There's a big line for the security kiosk and he texts me, "Just follow me on right."  I do, and continue to follow him into the parking garage.  I didn't see the gate bar arm thing.  I almost destroyed it but barely snuck underneath with the arm coming down on my rag top.  

Oscar is indeed a cute dog.  I told people that I would meet them at Half Shell that night so headed up there for a bit of merrymaking.  Came home, 2 tabled 100-200 mixed games, lost $4k.  

The following morning was fly back to Colorado day.  I packed everything up, got a ride to McCarran from Jared in my car, flew through security and onto my flight.  Landed in Denver, retreived my bag, shuttle to car, and I can't find my ticket anywhere.  It isn't in any of the usual or unusual places so I pull up to the kiosk saying I lost my ticket.  He asks me if I used my credit card, and yeah, I did, totally forgot about it.  I remember thinking what if I lose my credit card while in LA or Oahu or Kaua'i or Oahu or LA or Vegas, but until then I forgot about that and thought I lost my ticket.  I do lose my debit card like twice a year though.

The drive across Denver in rush hour was fine, zero traffic.  The drive up the hill was great with the sun setting, gorgeous day in the 60's, and then just before the tunnel it started snowing.  Standard.  Down the backside into Summit County, there's more snow on the ground than ten days ago when I was last here.  I pull into a snow covered driveway and get out of the truck into almost a foot of snow wearing sandals.  Oops.  I throw on my Ugg's and start shoveling snow and ten minutes later I'm home.

I played a session online, 40-80 8 game and a bunch of sit-n-goes, made $1500, went to dinner, came back, made another $1k, and then walked to Jonny's.  Played trivia with Christy and company, our team won, and then I walked home.  Played a little Red Dead Redemption and finished Bill Bryson's "A Short History of Nearly Everything."  Book was excellent and could replace years of schooling in its effectiveness at teaching science.  

The next day was Friday, but I thought it was Thursday.  I was wrong and suddenly had a busy day ahead of me.  April 1st is Gaper Day at A-Basin.  Everybody dresses up and makes fun of the tourists basically.  In other words we make fun of Texans.  Sounded like a blast but I committed to a radio interview at 2pm.  I also had to go to two banks and make deposits, plus had plenty of small things to take care of.  I ended up taking care of stuff in the morning, interviewing on the phone at Keystone, and then driving up to A-Basin for the tail end of Gaper Day.

I had breakfast, downloaded a new book choosing "Stones into Schools," the continuation of the story about Greg Mortensen and his passion for building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan in "Three Cups of Tea."  Went to the outdoor gear depot to pick up my mountain bike.  The manager and guy who helped me out initially wasn't there and I wish he was because those working were helpless.  They couldn't find my bike.  Finally when they did it wasn't finished being set up.  They left me standing alone in an empty store.  I walk back to the counter, explain my ignorance and lack of gear and how I would like to purchase gear, and really long story short the lady barely ends up selling me a bike lock.  You've got to be a really bad sales person to prevent me from spending a chunk of cash in your store when I walked through the door intending to light money on fire.  If it was my first time in the store I would never be back and certainly wouldn't have purchased a $2800 mountain bike.  Instead I emailed Clay and will try again Monday when he's back.  US Bank to deposit $ in Ryan's account.  Alpine bank to deposit rent for the landlord, who just this week addressed the issues with the place that I brought to his attention December 9th.  Todd Powell's gallery to thank him for the print excellently shipped to Cory.  Lastly I hit the post office, and was stoked to find two parcels of mail only in my PO box, both junk that went straight into the trash.

Finally I can drive that way.  I time things well and get a call from the guys on 2 of a Kind Radio just as I'm pulling into Keystone, I park and chat with them for about ten minutes, and then head up the hill.

Gaper Day was way awesomer than I imagined.  I didn't dress up but should have, I was like one of four that weren't dressed up.  The beach at A-Basin is a helluva good time and sweet vibe and I'm looking forward to spending some springtime there this year.  Erin was having a BBQ at her place in Breck and I accepted the invitation.  About an hour later I found myself throwing ninja stars at a wall with a lesbian.  I've been beaten at darts using throwing knives versus a straight chick from Guam before, but I've never thrown ninja stars.  Good times.  

Went back to Frisco after a few hours, had dinner, and ended up at Jonny's.  Hung there for a bit, went home, and played some 100-200 10-game.  I was stuck 2k when the game fell apart and I found myself playing heads-up 20-40 NLHE.  I kept playing because I liked my spot, chipped back a little bit, and then found two jacks.  He opened the button to 120, I re-raised to 400, he called.  Flop AJXr.  Ding.  I bet, he calls.  Turn a brick.  I bet, he calls.  River a brick, final board is like AJ264 no flush or something.  I shove, he calls, I'm stoked, and then the $9k pot goes the other way.  He has two aces.  FML.  

Peace and good luck,


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