A Fun Spring Weekend
April 8, 2022
Saturday I woke up hungover.  Shocker right?  The apartment was a bit of a disaster with most of my camping gear strewn about the living room, both from the leftovers from packing for Kaua'i two weeks ago and all the gear I brought back that hasn't moved from the couch I set it on three days ago.  I was out of white socks even though I hadn't worn socks in almost two weeks.  All the food in my fridge needed to be thrown out.  It became spring cleaning day.  5 loads of laundry and an afternoon spent cleaning, writing a blog, and mostly playing Red Dead Redemption later it was night time.  The girls invited me over for dinner and some games of drinkball.  I've never heard of that game or eaten shepherd's pie, so heck yes I'm coming over.  

Caught up with Robyn in the kitchen, she was stoked to hear about my engagement and excited to tell the rest of them about it.  I knew that Jenny knew and assumed that the rest of them knew too, but since boys never talk about "important" things I guess lesbians don't either?  Yah I dunno.  Pina coladas came up including my mastery of them in Kaua'i and I was sent on a mission to acquire pina colada materials.  Christy joined and we were the blind leading the blind at the supermarket trying find pineapple juice and cream of coconut.  The pineapple juice wasn't too tough after we found the "canned fruits" aisle, but coconut cream turned out to be more difficult.  We sought an expert with a nametag, found one in uniform without a nametag who sent us to coconut water.  We had no clue if it was what we were looking for so spent about a minute consulting Dr. Google who informed us that coconut water is the water that comes out of a cracked coconut.  Oh.  Hey, that dude has a nametag.   

He knew exactly where he was going.  Straight down the coke aisle to the mixer area where you can buy margarita salt and lime juice.  So apparently coconut cream ain't good for shit else other than making pina coladas?  At least it's dang good for that.  Christy and I knew exactly where to find the booze though, next door at the liquor store.  Finding white rum or light rum was more difficult, but Dr. Google told us that silver rum is the same thing so we were headed back up the hill.  

Many pitchers of pina coladas, one ginormous shepherd's pie, and sufficient digesting time later we were ready to begin playing drinkball.  We head downstairs to the garage to their beer pong table, decorated in hundreds of hooker card-flyers from the Strip and some creative spray painting.  The shelves are stocked with tools, Missy the proud owner of all of them.  Christy and I begin on a team against Missy and Corrie. 

The game is played like this.  One beer per player, cans are better than bottles, and the goal is to drink your team's beer first.  Teams and players take turns throwing a ping pong ball at their opponents beers.  If contact is made, the partner of the ping pong ball thrower starts drinking their beer as fast as possible and continues until the other team retreives the ping pong ball and slams it to the table top yelling, "Stop!" while maintaining control of the ball.  If you fumble when stopping your opponents then they continue drinking and y'all resume the scramble for the ball.  If you finish your beer then you can immediately start drinking your partner's beer, and once both beers are gone you win.  After your opponents make you stop, your partner throws.  If they miss, nothing happens, and the ball is sent to the opponents, who then each take one shot.

Turns out I'm pretty good at throwing one thing at another and at drinking beer.  So is Christy.  We were undefeated through three games winning by landslides in every game.  I needed to quit if I didn't want to end up sleeping on their couch, so I quit and got called a pussy for it, but thoroughly enjoyed the next hour spectating the game.  Drove home, crashed, and was pretty excited to play online Sunday.  

I got lots of hands shoved up my ass in tournaments.  Zero cashes and one near miss in the million.  Fortunately I couldn't lose in cash games, playing two 10-20 8 game tables and one 2-4 NLHE game, and was up enough to have me turning a $1k profit even with all the tourney losses.  But my last table kept going well, the UB $200 $50k guarantee ultra-turbo that starts late in the day, and I ran that into a 4th place for $4k.  I even got it in good, calling off my 12 bb stack, which was just slightly below average, with AJ and losing to K7.  Bummer, coulda been a good Sunday, instead it's right on expectation with a $5k net profit, pretty unusual for Sunday tournaments.  

I was done early enough to meet Jenny and family for dinner at the teppanyaki joint, it was delish, and then we headed over for karaoke at Jonny G's.  Always a good time.  Came home and 4 tabled various mid stakes mixed games, broke even, and went to sleep.

It was snowing all day Sunday.  Perfect.  Monday was bluebird and 11-15" of pow had fallen on the local resorts in the last 24 hours.  Perfect.  I make it to the slopes and have a sweet day on a deserted Keystone mountain.  My ski legs had left me though and I was wiped after a couple hours but didn't mind quitting early because the snow was slushing up pretty good and the ice was exposed again in a lot of places.  I'm gonna have to be motivated to get up early if I want to catch another awesome powder day this season cause it either blows away or melts fast under this warm spring sun.  

I was planning on starting work at 5pm but was motivated and started a couple hours earlier.  I ran awfully in everything and had like 17 hands in a row cracked so ejected from the wreckage of my session before it crashed in a blaze of glory at the bottom of Tilt Gorge.  Done at 5:12 pm.  

I had finished Red Dead Redemption earlier in the week, possibly the best game I have ever played.  I wanted something new but nothing attracted me and I ended up starting Grand Theft Auto IV over.  I got stuck early on that one and then it collected dust for a couple of years, it's basically a new game to me and one of the best ones ever so why not.  Enjoyed that until the Butler UConn game was about to start and drove to Jonny's to watch the game.  I bet $200 on Butler and that was a mistake that I spent most of the 2nd half laughing about.  Seriously how the hell did those two teams end up in the national championship?  They were both terrible.  

Went home and played GTA until I was tired around 1am.  Woke up today, still jonesin' to grind somehow, and played a short session.  Couple tournaments, 10-20 8game, 2-4 nlhe, and lots of SNG's.  Won about a dime.  Sun's out but it's cold, I think I'm gonna get outside and then play the evening schedule tonight.  

Peace and good luck,


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