Black Friday
April 27, 2022
I woke up Friday morning and did what I've done most mornings this winter, brew a pot of coffee and see what's cracking online.  I've been playing bigger mixed games for the past several months and was on the tail end of a good week, up about $8k.  About half an hour into a session that I was getting my ass handed to me I received an email notifying me that the domains had been seized.  I immediately quit all my tables and had to figure out what in the hell was going on.  

I'm in shock.  I feel betrayed by my government.  I feel like the victim of a natural disaster, my livelihood taken away in a flash, and angry because this wasn't an accident.  I'm scared, unsure about the future, and upset because it was my country that did this to me and all my friends.  We've literally been begging the feds for years to tax and regulate us and this is how they respond.  Instead of collecting over a billion dollars in tax revune, they've spent scarce tax dollars on legislating morality, turning businessmen into criminals, and taking away another freedom from the American People.  

I started drinking around 3pm and didn't stop til they made me at 2am.  Slept, woke up, and went to A-Basin to meet the girls for Erin and Christy's birthday.  The vibe at the beach is so fantastic and these girls are great people, it was a nice afternoon.  Unfortunately it snowed for the afternoon and we all got a bit cold.  

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I took off early after drinking one beer and not skiing to head over to Copper Mountain for a free Gin Blossoms show.  It was awesome, snow fell for most of the show, and the crowd around me was quite spectacular.  I uploaded some pics to twitter.  The drummer broke a stick and fired it off my chest in the front row.  I met him after the show, asked for him to sign it, he didn't have a pen, said lemme go get you a real one.  It's custom for him and super cool, it's been a good day.  

UB is still up and running.  Our money is safe, I've got over two big dimes on there, and I'm confident that it's still mine and I will be able to spend it on something other than UPAY4RHINOS' recreational outings.  

Peace and good luck,


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