Time to go Home
April 27, 2022
Wednesday the Giants played the Rockies.  Day game mid week and I ain't got shit to do!  8 of us from Summit County drove down and met Paul Wasicka with four of his buddies.  We sat in the cheap seats.  I was decked out in Giants gear and am pretty sure to have enhanced the Rockies fans' experience.  It's just more fun having somebody you know to be competitive against especially when handing out a spanking at home.  We got beat 10-2 and I got druuuuunk because I wasn't driving.  We all had dinner in Idaho Springs and headed back up the hill.  They called it a night while I walked to the bar in the snow, and I'm pretty sure I drank until they wouldn't let me anymore.  

I woke up hurting the next day.  I wish I had a job to go to so I wouldn't drink so much.  I wish I knew what was going to be happening next week.  I wish it wasn't snowing so i could go fishing.  I wish it was tomorrow.  It didn't matter what I did because I couldn't change any of those things, spent the day relaxing, doing laundry, and packing for the upcoming road trip.

Friday I was driving down to Denver International then flying to Orange County to be with Cory and visit family for Easter.  The plan is to hang out there for the weekend, fly back to Denver on Monday, and then launch a road trip across the No-Coast.  I have a goal to see all 50 states by my 30th birthday which is coming up this July 24th and I have 12 left, three of them being Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  The Beale Street Music Festival is in Memphis the following weekend, so that seems like a good reason to drive across the middle of the country neh?  Plan is to spend a couple of nights on the ranch, then drive to Memphis camping our way there and camping at the music festival.  

I'm really excited to see Cory.  I've been forced on vacation and I want to spend it with my baby.  Very stoked for this trip.

Peace and good luck,


3 months ago
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