UB/Black Friday Statement
May 9, 2022
Well today I received notice that my contract with UB was terminated.  I saw it coming and can't say I blame them.  I'm surprised that the rest of the US pros on other sites haven't been released yet either.  They pay us to represent them for nothing more than a marketing value.  The money they spend on us turns a profit through increased traffic and revenues.  When our primary market no longer exists, our marketing value decreases significantly.  UB's market share is primarily American, and for the time being that market is closed.  

I've been silent for most of this period because it was the wisest decision.  There wasn't anything I could really contribute that anybody else didn't know.  I was told immediately that our accounts weren't seized and we're going to get the money back and I relayed that information.  But beyond that, all I knew is what y'all knew.  Furthermore, I was concerned about legal repercussions.  I was convinced that online poker was completely legal yet the DOJ releases a 52 page indictment hinging on the contrary.  For it to be money laundering and bank fraud, the activity has to be illegal.  If the DOJ is willing to go to this extent, why wouldn't they arrest the representatives of those three sites next?  

It was and still is a scary time.  My life was turned upside down by this indictment and I'm not even close to the worst affected.  It makes me sad that our country puts on a face of freedom and democracy yet holds the highest incarceration rate of ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.  This is mostly due to the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which in the last 25 years has skyrocked our prison population from over 300k to just under 2.5 million.  Victimless crime.

I do not understand why our country has gotten into the business of legislating morality.  It doesn't work.  It never has.  I don't understand why our country has gone into many wars in the last century protecting foreign nationals from oppressive dictators while at the same time putting it's own people in jail for similar moral crimes.  Why is it wrong for the Taliban to deny education to girls and for Americans to smoke a joint?  The Taliban's reasoning is moral too, except they're operating on a different moral code.  

Once morals are introduced to government policy the whole system is ruined.  People have been fighting over their religion and moral codes since the dawn of man.  More people have been killed in the name of religion by governments than any other way.  Crusades are launched.  Planes are flown into buildings.  People can't smoke pot and gay people can't get married.  The agenda of the government shouldn't be anything more than setting up and protecting a free market economy where it's citizens can flourish.  If you hurt somebody, either personally or commercially, the courts and jails are there to take care of it.  This wouldn't be a problem if instead of dealing with 100,000 speeding tickets the courts only had to deal with the one guy who crashed into somebody else while going too fast.  Then there's a victim.  Then there's a crime.  Send that person to prison for what they did.  The person hit sues the shit out of them and gets what they got cause they're not going to need it in prison.  Maintain a strong national defense to protect these assets, not to fight wars in Libya.  

Things would be a lot better if the government was smaller and did what it was designed to do in the constitution.  I would still have a job.  I would still have the ability to work in Frisco, CO, or Memphis, TN, or Lima, Peru.  Instead I have over $30k still stuck somewhere offshore and lost at least 20 months of a very lucrative endorsement contract.  I have a depressed attitude and a disdainful sentiment toward my own government.  I feel neither protected nor served, and I don't know what to do next.  

The shittiest part about all this is that I don't know if there are any better options.  I love my country.  I support my troops.  But I emphatically despise my government and it's policies of the last century.  The problem is that I don't think there's anybody out there doing it better.  

So, my money's stuck on UB too.  I don't have any reason to believe that they're at a greater risk to not return funds.  Yes it hits UB hardest.  Yes a lot of staff has been laid off.  But I have no reason to believe that the company has an impending bankruptcy or an unwillingness to return funds to players.  They want to remain in business and right now that means a downsizing and handling this ordeal properly:  funds returned, employees paid, and things done legally.  I didn't have any control over this stuff or any internal business decisions for UB at any point during my involvement with them and certainly don't now.  I'm in the same boat as y'all now:  hoping to get my money off as soon as possible.

I'm driving to Vegas now.  I hear there's some live tournaments going on.  At least I can still play live poker and my government says that's okay.  

Peace and good luck,


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