2008 Borgata Poker Open WPT Main, End of Day 1
September 15, 2021

Truly sorry that I haven't written in a while. I've been somewhat meh for a while and simply haven't really felt like it. I have played 12 hour days of online poker every day for the past five, and every single one of them have been pretty disappointing. Today I sat on a table with chips being spewed all over the place, and I ended the day with 42k after starting with 40k. Better than being bust via suckout of course. Yesterday I played the best cash game I have seen since April of 07 for 12 hours. 150-300 Omaha8/Stud8, they were HORRIBLE, I lose $400. Kinda feel ripped off, but also was stuck $6k 30 mins before I had to quit. That was after I made day 2 of the $5k, 36 left, 27 pay, we bust on the 5th hand in a totally standard cooler where I ended up with AJ Poker News


3 months ago
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