2008 WSOP Day 2-4: 1500 nlhe & plhe events 2 & 3
June 2, 2022

Saturday I woke up at 10:30, showered, and got fired up for my first WSOP event. I get in there, sit really early at Amazon Orange section, table 41, seat 8. I show him my ID, all checks out, I leave to socialize. 30 seconds before cards are in the air I return, see that there is somebody in my seat, say, "Hey, how come he's in my seat?"

"Oh! Yoo com bak tomowow." Shows me my ticket, pointing at June 1st, and I'm thinking, so?

Kind of amusing how oblivious poker players are to days and dates sometimes. I would have caught it if they put a day next to it, like Sunday, June 1st, but when I asked for "Saturday, day 1 of event 2 1500 no-limit" and she handed me registration cards I assumed that it would be for Saturday. Lesson to y'all - check those seating cards closely.

I was pretty frustrated to be honest. I was supposed to head down to Needles to pick up my truck which had broken down the weekend before. I got a refund and was on my way out the door until Katie caught up to me. She smacked me around a little bit telling me to stop being stubborn and play the damn TV event. Sheepishly I wandered back to the registration line, bought in again, and received my punishment in the forms of a seat in the Buzio's section which happens to be about 1.2 nautical miles from the Amazon. Fortunately this is about .4 knm closer than the online poker room tables (insert rant... good job getting the satellites out and everything... but seriously... put the satellites/cash games out there before the tournament tables... /rant).

So I get on the horn, make sure that I can pick up my truck Saturday instead of Sunday, can, head down, get truck, once again they fail to fix the check engine light but at least I'm not leaking gear oil anymore. But then, everything turns to peace and harmony. The neighbors that I met last weekend were out again and invited us down. We spent the afternoon/evening hanging on the river, I saw Saturn and it's rings through a telescope which was really freakin cool, and then headed to Laughlin to stay for the night.

Martingale can go f himself as far as I am concerned. Doug wanted to play blackjack and I was in for 500, started betting nickels, and never got my bet above $25. I don't really like blackjack anyways but we literally never had a positive count so I couldn't ever justify firing anything else. About that time Kirk and Jenna show up, some other fun kids sit down, and the dude in first base loses like eight straight hands, starts complaining, loses a couple more, and I fire a green chip across the table and ask him to add it to his $10 bet. He and his friends laugh and he makes the $35 bet. We lose, I fire $50. Lose. $75. Lose. Black chip, push, lose, Kirk whispers to Jenna (Thats a HUNDRED DOLLAR chip!!) I am for a moment tempted to slow down, but we as a table are having tooo much fun. We lose again, this time the kid is busto, and another of his buddies takes over. I fire $200, lose, and dig into the roll, peel off $300, and push. Kirk says, "I think you should bet more." I'm like, absolutely! I'm stuck $500, why am I betting $300? duh... Make it $500, we draw to a 19 vs a monkey, dealer makes 20. Siiiigh.

I officially quit even though the table max is $1k, and obv the 1 hole wins the next hand.

It was all pertty hilarious though. I haven't done that or had that much fun gambooooling in a long time.

I stayed up too late having good talks with good people and it definitely affected me the following day. It was worth it though for sure. I arrived at the Rio about five minutes late, sat down, raised my first hand with like 57o UTG mostly because I decided that I was going to raise the first hand I was dealt at this years series. Lost obv. I won one small pot at some point, and then due to my impatience that day I opened with the 45hh, got called by the Btn and BB, flop KJ9 with two hearts, and manage to get it in three ways drawing to running fours or fives. GG fish.

I had an absolutely fantastic day though for the rest of the day. I caught up with Jay, Dave, BK and a few other guys at the pool and we basically waded around drinking Tecate Light until the sun went down. It was fantastic.

Today was the $1500 PLHE event #3. I was planning on playing the $5k mix, but after looking at the schedule I decided to play the PLHE so that if I busted early I would be able to play the nightly schedule online (update: busto in stars 100r, 100k, and ftp 65k, still in ftp 1k and MSOP #4). That's what we call foreshadowing in the writing business.

My table was pretty ridiculous with at least 4 known players at my table at all times. I did have a good time chatting with Jim Campbell (JCamby) and Jason Grey. Good guys. I finally got something to stick with AA v Jason's KK, and he almost called the running diamond suckout on me after I flopped a set. Can't we ever just turn 'em dead? LOL. After that I lost some chips semi-bluffing crai vs a btn opener with A7 on a 845 flop... whoops he had 45. Down to about 2k I grinded for a while, shipped it on a late position opener, and after about 30-45 seconds he called (getting > 2-1) with AK. I'm like, nice slowroll, and was rewarded with a Q on the flop that held. My day ended shortly thereafter though when I lost a flip for all the chips. Oh well. Poker Videos

I went home, picked up a Gyro, and was all set for a good online session (update: badbeatninja 34/267 in 1k, 44/322 in MSOP #4). Kinda disappointed to be busto in most everything already, but at least it gave me time to write this :).

So tomorrow is the 1k rebuy and the 1500 O8... I took second in that event so I kinda feel obliged to play in it. I love rebuyaments, but I suppose I can wait a bit til I bury myself in one of them!

Peace and good luck,


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