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September 26, 2021

So after the dismal weekend, I really didn't have much of a desire to play teh pokers. I'm taking Mondays off this fall anyways to play on the Half Shell softball team, which, well, after out back to back whippings this week, I think is officially our beer drinking team that occasionally gets dirty. I really don't care if out team sucks, becuause I actually like spending more time in the field, making plays, getting dirty, etc. However, when players are griping about this and that, that's when I don't have fun, and it really rattles me when one player who sucks/has made bad errors yells at somebody who just sucked/made an error. STFU and play the game man. This is softball for Pete's sake. I've always wondered who Pete is, but for his sake, everybody on the planet Earth should chill more and be gooder to people.

The night before the boys and I went to Stony's, this awesome country bar that formerly was Gilley's in the Frontier, home of the infamous bikini bull riding and bikini mud wrestling. Country bar. I'm wearing Lucky jeans, a mostly solid baby blue button up short sleeve, white cowboy hat. I fit right in. Buck is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, he's in. Jared, Jake, and Nick, they're wearing jeans and a t-shirt. They're out. Why? "No plain white t-shirts." Ahhhhhahahahaha. No plain white t-shirts at a country bar? What's next no plain white cowboy hats? Seriously. Jared came back in a dirty white t-shirt that said "Hurley" on the front of it and that was OK.

In the bar, although this part gets a little fuzzy as the night goes on ($20 all you can drink beer, and unlike buffets, I drive the price up on this all you can eat special). The fellas meet a couple of smoking hot bartenders there. Turns out they were regional champions blah blah blah in softball a few years back, they come to the game. Bout halfway through the second game the girls make it on to the field, and by the end of the game, the only guys on our team that hadn't made an error all day were girls. LOL. This one dude muffed a fly ball in left-center field, and the pitcher (who happens to own the restaurants that everybody on the team works at) yanks the guy mid inning and sends out one of the girls. Hahaha. I had fun that inning.

I tried to get back into golfing this week. That failed miserably. I have a serious case of the shanks. After failing at golf, my friend and I went to the bowling alley where at one point we were the only one's in the joint. I bowled so much that by the time I left I was quite drunk (and even had a blister on the inside of my right thumb).

Thursday, after running some errands, I decided to head into the Bellagio. I really enjoyed playing that 150-3 game at the Borgata, and have decided that I need to put a little more effort into cash games, especially since my positive cash flow has been pretty limited since the start of the WSOP. The games were somewhat dead, with a few 10-20 NL games going that didn't look good, one 30-60 LHE, no mix, and one 30-60 O8. I sat in the O8, and within an hour the lineup filled up on my right in this order: Travis Pearson, super good buddy of mine, and this was good/bad news. Good because I was literally thinking of him that day and miss the guy, bad because now I was going to be drinking and playing props, and as y'all know, I'm really bad at neutral ev gambling. I am pretty sure that of the $1k I lost in the game, more than half of that was in props. LOL. $200 on my last hand lucky bastard. Then sits Marcel Luske, and then Cindy Violette. Was quite the surprising lineup for a Thursdy night game at the Bell a week before tournaments start. It does get better. Jon Turner sits at one point, and then this one dude who I recognize, knows me, sits and asks, "Did they close the internet tonight? Stars and tilt down? WTF are y'all doing here?" Hahahaha. I got a kick out of that. Also got a kick out of me being an internet pro. C'mon now, I was doing this way before. LOL.

I set a goal for the rest of the year, and that's finishing my pilot's license. I haven't been up since day 1 of the series, but that's no big deal really. It's hot here in Vegas and the density altitude gets so effed with the heat that you can't go up when it's hotter than 32 degrees C or so. Since it's that hot, like, all day, and I suck at 6am, plus the series and traveling everywhere, no big deal. But, I had my nose in a textbook for a couple of hours yesterday, go up today, go up tomorrow morning, and am going to make sure that I'm somewhat regular. I need like 30 hours before I'm eledgible to take the FAA test, so that means I need to get, like 3 hours a week in or so? No prob. I'll be flying to LA for Christmas :). Poker News

Tomorrow I'm going to be checking out the WPT boot camp here in town, hoping that I might be able to teach with them in the future. Then I'm going to head to the money factory in San Diego, work my tail off Sun-Tue (party my ass off Sat-Tue nights), drive back Wed, and then start the Festa al Lago on Thursday.

Happy landings!

Peace and good luck,


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