Rough Week in the Office
October 6, 2021



Lets talk some poker.

Tuesday: I take 20th in the Stars $1k, losing a pot for the chip lead (8th v. 7th) QQ v 77, 56289 gg me.

Wednesday: Drive back to Vegas. Poff moves into house. Her 1st months rent is to clean house.

[x] House looks amazing.

I let her play Supermarket Sweep at Wal-Mart and we (I) ended up spending $130 on cleaning supplies. I texted this fact to a female friend of mine, and she responded with these words: "Ooh, how exciting!! Don't you just want to try everything out?"

I also discovered a new rat trap. It looks like this.

I predict that a better rat is coming soon.

Thursday I started the Festa al Lago series at the bellagio. Something like 112 players ponied up two dimes each to play a donkament. Sad numbers really. These things got hundreds just a couple years ago. Fortunately the fields are soft so I am going to continue playing them through the main event.

About twenty minutes this shirt took one of the empty chairs remaining on the table.

Tony Cousineau was the wearer of said shirt. I LOL'd. You can get them through online poker Road on cafepress or something like that.

And, ding! Sunday's over. Ugh.

Nothing exciting happened Thursday, I busto'd somewhere around halfway through.

Thursday night, however, was excellent times. Matt Graham, Gavin Smith, and I went bowling. I won some $, drank some beer, had a good time. Matt lost all the $. Matt and I also bet that the player who lost the most games would have to wear this pink I <3 Bowling lanyard. I'll make sure to get a picture next time he loses that bet and then post it.

After that we went to my brother's bar, met some people, and then headed over to Gilley's, err, Stony's. We had a run in there last week where myself and four dudes tried to get in. They told three of them that they couldn't come in becuause they were wearing "plain white tee's." They were serious, they went to Wal-Mart, bought plain black tees, and were good. First guy I saw in bar had a plain white tee that said "Hurley" on the front. Cowboys are cool with Hurley.

I asked the guy this, "If five dudes came in dressed like us, and with their plain white tees were wearing boots, Wranglers, and a Stetson, would you let them in?"

"Nope. No plain white tees."

Ok, whatever. So we get there Thursday night, and there's a line, but we don't like lines. I ask them how much I need to tip to not wait in line. They say they're doing booth and bottle tonight. Now, this is a joke really, cause this is a country bar. I was wearing sandals and a non-plain-white tee. Shorts. But, I'm down since cover is covered, and they say we can do a $250 minimum tab, and we say no problem. That's EZ. Poker News

So we get to drinking. On the dance floor we run into a friend of mine who is with three hot chicks. They obv need to come back to the booth, but they won't let them back. I'm like it's cool, they're with me. Mind you the context of this bar too. I get the host, and she says that I'll have to double my guaranteed tab if I want them to come back. I get a little upset, and then she tries to big time me (she told me earlier that she started a month ago). She tells me that this is the way it is at Tao and Pure, I'm like FFS you're not Tao or Pure, and at Tao or Pure if you bring hot effin' chicks back to your booth, they come back to your booth.

I basically tell her to go kick rocks and that I'm pissed. I tell the waitress that she should be pissed cause management is preventing her customers from having a good time and drinking. If 10 of us are partying there, the party is more fun, we drink more, hell we may order a bottle, but the one thing we are going to do is run the effing tab up. Instead I go on mega-tilt, everybody scatters because they're not having fun at the table obviously and obviously want to chase these girls around. We finish our drinks, and I get my bill. It looks like this:

16 2 Liquor $128
8 Ladies $8
2 3 Liquor $18
24 Bottle Domestic $96
17 %
Large Party $42.50
Subtotal: $250.00
Service Chg: $42.50
Total $292.50.
This used to be my favorite bar in Las Vegas. Gilley's in the Frontier was my favorite, I was sad when they imploded it, and then thrilled when I heard they re-opened as Stony's. It remained my favorite bar. And now I will never go back. You just don't treat your customers like that. You're a country bar. Smiles. Handshakes. I love this bar kind of thing. You are not Tao, you are not Pure, and that's why you are some of our favorite bar. If I wanted Tao, I would go to Tao.

Also, it's better in my opinion to give the customer the benefit of the doubt, especially in the VIP section where we're basically saying, "Get us drunk, NOW, we don't care how much it costs." Tacking on a 17% tip in that spot? Where we're obviously pissed? Where y'all have not done a good job of serving? Or do y'all just tack on that tip no matter what? Bad play seriously.

They let those 4 into the top section, we easily run up another $250, easily tip $100+, all have great times. Instead, by pissing off the guy ordering the drinks, we all leave pissed, are telling everybody we know about how bunk it was, and are probably never going back.

Well played Stony's.

Sooo, Friday I played the $2500, built up a huge stack, ran AT into AA SB v BB (I open, he RR, I shove) and then couldn't get anything going after that, busting my 15 bb stack flipping KQ


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