Poker and Silver
October 10, 2021

Today Adam Kats, Brett Hanks, Jon Little, Jon Aguiar, Matt Graham, USCPhildo, Hunter, Ben "ShankingYou", and myself made a last shorter bet at the beginning of the $3k at the Bellagio, which drew a whopping 70+ runners today. The terms of the bet were this: the first person to bust had to go to Noodles, buy everybody food, and deliver it. It was the most ridiculous fun bet ever. The "Noodle Bubble" was burst by Adam, and I enjoyed my Chicken Chow Mein almost as much as FatalError enjoyed his Mongorian Beef.

Unfortunately, I still cannot win at poker, busting in a 20k pot with TT<88.

Yesterday I played cash games at the Bellagio. I've been saying for about six months now that I really wished that I had stuck with cash games rather than switching to tournaments. I would love to play 200-400 mix every day or something like that. I think that would be sweet, and I feel like the fluctuation and normality could be much more regulated.

After playing all day yesterday, I am pretty sure that if I was a cash game pro I would be wishing that I had switched to tournaments.

When I saw Mark Gregorich in a 30-60 O8 game that I had already left because it was bad, and he looked at me, giggled, and shrugged his shoulders, I realized that the economy is directly affecting online poker. Things are returning to the way they were before poker on TV. Things are still way better/more +ev now than they were then, but the gap is narrowing rapidly. I made it then and I will make it now, but I fear that many will be going broke over the next year or so.

So, I started 30-60 O8, lost a dime, and left the game for a new 10-20 NL game. There were some good spots in that game, then I got rivered by one for a $1600 pot and he promptly stacked off to a rock. A couple others left, and all of a sudden we were in a crappy game again.

I moved down to 5-10. Seriously. That game wasn't good either, but it was better than the other two.

An interesting spot came up that kinda fired me up. Two Euro's made it to the river. I'm pretty sure that they knew each other, but were obviously playing each other hard and having a good time doing it. Check, dude bets like $300, other guy tanks, he says, "Show me one?"

The dealer about jumps out of her chair. "No! Do NOT show any cards!" The guy folds, and then she says, "This is your warning. Do not show any cards." I kinda giggle, and ask for a floorman. He relays the same information, do not show your hole cards while the hand is in play period.

"Or else what?"

"First time it's a warning, second time your hand is dead. I don't care if you have quad aces, your hand is dead."

"Seriously? What is the reasoning for this rule?"

"We don't want any players to intimidate other players."

I laugh. "Okay, seriously, that's a pretty silly reason don't you think?"

He then basically berates me, saying that I'm the only one complaining, I say that I bet infinity dollars that more than 2/3 of the players in the room would agree that it's a silly rule, he asks the table something along the lines of "does anybody besides this guy have a problem with this rule? No? See? You're the only one complaining. Everybody else is happy."

Such customer service.

So, don't show your cards otherwise your hand might be dead, and if you shove your stack but don't cross the betting line, it doesn't mean anything. Bellagio: taking away angles since 1998 or whenever they opened.

I played a pretty interesting hand toward the end of my session. I open 77 from the button to $40, both blinds call. Flop QTTr, check, check, I bet $100, fold, call. Turn 9, check, check, river 7, BB bets $200 into $320 with $800 behind. My first instinct is to call and I think is standard online, but I'm really only afraid of QT or the occasional 99. I also think he'll pay off with KJ, some T's, and the occasional light call. Important note is that three hands earlier I raised TT UTG to $40, got 2 callers, checked around a Qxx fop, bet a 9 turn, and bet a brick river for value (and got called). So he knows I can value bet light.

Do I raise/fold or just ship it? I think it's close between min-ish raising/folding to a shove and just plain shoving. I decided to shove, he had QT, and I head off to dinner stuck $2k for the day's work.

Arrgh. This after a 12th in the 100r on Tuesday, losing a flip for the chip lead in a pretty silly spot where the villain was so far behind my range and just happened to be flipping and won.

Monday I decided that I was going to invest in silver. Here's some fun facts for you: 95% of all silver ever mined has been consumed industrially. There is a present day deficit in silver use to production. 4 billion dollars could buy all of the silver in existence on the planet at today's rates. There is almost 100x more gold in the world than silver. Silver is traditionally about 20-1 less than gold, today it's more than 60-1.

So, I did my research, and decided that I wanted to buy 5-10 100oz bars of silver bullion. I call everybody in town and find two bars. I go to get one of them before softball, pay $2.50 over spot + tax (stupid Nevada charging sales tax on bullion sales... one of the few states that do). They then pull out some rough bullion bars from the private stock, and they look like they were poured during the Nevada silver rush in the late 1800's. I pass since I don't know much about them, and go about my business for the evening.

The next day I call the other place with a 100 oz bar. Sold. Call everybody else, nobody has anything. Somebody recommends out of state so I don't have to pay sales tax. Call St. George, Barstow, Victorville, nothing. So cal everywhere, San Diego, San Francisco, nothing. Then I start calling the major distributors. Nobody is selling anything. They straight up tell me that they're not taking orders because they cannot replace their stock. I call the place with the rough bullion, and they're sold. "How much?"

"$100 more per bar than what we offered you yesterday."

Wow. It's impossible to buy silver.

So, if you have any for sale, I'll take it. If you can find some, buy it imo!

Peace and good luck,


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