Spraycan Prophet
October 14, 2021

"This is one of those places like in Beaches."

"You know, the Leonardo DiCaprio movie where they're at this place that's so fabulous that they want to tell everybody about it but if they tell people about it then it won't be fabulous anymore."

This was after something like ten minutes of silence as Poff and I soaked in these hot springs we visited today.

This summer I went on a hike up to Mt. Charleston, and in my searches for hikes I discovered this awesome website about Hiking Around Las Vegas. I spent several hours on this site the first day I discovered it, and this place was high on my list of random afternoon trips that I would take as soon as the weather dropped below an average high of 90 here in Vegas.

Sunday morning I went on a motorcycle ride to get breakfast before Sunday, ****ing Sunday and wore gloves and a full coat. Then on the news that night I heard somebody say, "Bundle up again tomorrow Las Vegas as we are only going to reach a high of seventy."

LOL. You can have bet the farm that every one of us would complain about it being cold that night at softball, and we did.

So, queue the cold weather, and Tuesday morning I wake up and have 5 hours before the Stars $1k. Jared walks into the room, and I say, "Wanna go to some hot springs?" He says yes, and then goes downstairs to drink a glass of salt water. Danny, Jared, Nick, and Jake are all doing the Master Cleanse, and this is day two for them. You should have seen the bartender last night at one of their local bars. One by one they each order a bottle of water, and the cute blonde bartender that knows them well is in a state of utter shock. Her face was priceless.  Poker News

About 30 minutes later, two of the bathrooms were occupied by Jared and Danny. If you know anything about the Cleanse then you understand. They abandoned hope of a 2+ mile hike with scrambling involved, and I went back to my desk trying to decide if I really wanted to work on my taxes.

Then Poff walked into the room. "Wanna go to some hot springs?"

She said yes, and we actually left quite soon. Dropped the top, picked up some Capriotti's, and we were on our way. We made it to the trailhead, and spent the next couple miles following the directions of "hike down the canyon until you find water." We down climbed some stairs carved into rock, used a rope to rappel down a chute, and eventually ended up at the top of the hot springs.

Man this place was cool. It was a spring that came out of the walls, and the creek ran hot into the pool that we spent most of our time in. The pool below us was like swimming pool temperature and was mostly runoff from our pool. Apparently for the next 30-45 minutes of hiking down the canyon there are pools and waterfalls and all sorts of cool hot springs things going on. We plopped into the pool, soaked for a good 45 minutes in the water that was about 100 degrees, and solved all the problems of the world. We had a really good talk about where the water came from. It comes from the ground. But it's in the middle of the desert. The only runoff through Vegas is the Las Vegas wash which basically takes everything from Henderson to Red Rocks to North Town to a wash through Lake Las Vegas, down to Lake Mead, and eventually down the Colorado River. Poff then told me about caves she went to in Indiana that were hundreds of feet below the surface but there was enough water for boat rides. Fascinating stuff.

Then we got to talking about how many people had actually been to that place, how they decided to dam the pools that they did, and what not. On the way down the only real sign of human we saw was when to the left side of the trail there was an arrow pointed away from the trail spray painted on the rock. I didn't believe, said, "The trail is that way, unless the spray painter knows something we don't."

About a hundred feet further down the trail we were standing atop a 30 foot drop. Turned around, went back to the arrow, and found a faint trail scrambling over the rocks, and eventually took us on an easy path over an otherwise impossible rock pile. Thank you Spraycan Prophet.

This was obviously a very special place. We had to earn our way down there, and the people that built the pools had to go through a bunch of work to make that happen. There's very little evidence of humans and it was an amazingly beautiful place.

We started walking back, climbed some stairs, made some new friends, and headed home.


Yesterday was MondayFunday. With softball games going Monday night, I've started taking Mondays off and boy is it nice after Sundays. This day called for a game of Frolf, aka Frisbee Golf at Sunset Park. We played 18 holes, three teams of two, best ball competition. There was a bet of course. The two losing teams were to be required to sing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" to a woman/group of women at the bar chosen by the winning team. Buck, Jared, Loren and myself will be in concert sometime this week at a local bar in Henderson if you're in town.

We actually won a softball game that night and we had quite a blast doing so.

I haven't been able to fly in two weeks. I was grounded today and 8 days ago due to weather/wind, and Thurs/Fri my flight instructor was out with the flu. I really want to finish that by the end of the year, but I'm getting the itch for some road trips and think i'll be out and aboot for some of November.

Stoked that I've been able to get outside and be active much more lately. This stuff just makes my soul happy.

Now I need to start winning again. Have a couple of 5k's and then the WPT main 15k starts on Monday. I think I'm gonna win.

Peace and good luck,


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