LOL HORSEaments, Keller Williams, and $5k's.
October 20, 2021

Tonight I somehow weaseled my way into a 2nd place in the online Poker Stars $200+15 weekly HORSEament. I was in a battle for the chip lead for the ENTIRE tournament went card dead at the last two tables, played a couple of interesting hands but mostly remained stagnant. Then at 5 handed I end up getting scooped in stud 8 with (a3)552 by some stupid piece of cheese that I end up folding on the river to his KJ88 or whatever standard hand. This is how I felt at the moment:

badbeatninja: ffs
Dealer: badbeatninja, it's your turn. You have 15 seconds to act
badbeatninja: a3552?
badbeatninja: wtf
badbeatninja: 9q
badbeatninja: ****
Dealer: Game #21340671390: CPL Guru wins pot (90000)
Dealer: The break will start when the current hand finishes
Dealer: Game #21340686674: CPL Guru wins pot (6000)
badbeatninja: wtf
badbeatninja: arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg
EvitaPeron: 15 minutes?
So I end up being left with like 1.5 big bets (20k). I peak at 60k, and end up getting heads up with 50k. Lose with (75)67 v. K3TQ, but ship the $7400 cash or whatever it is. It had been a pretty rough Sunday up to that point, with nothing going well anywhere and many, many... um, painful ones.

Anyways, I'm also 10/14 in the FTP Horseament right now and we just came off break so I'm going to go look at that some more.

I spewed half my stack the immediate hand after that sentence. Player with 3 bb's opens the c/o, I iso QJo < KJ.

Have bet and raise and bet and bet until they've folded, climbing to 6/14 w/o showdown. <3 LHE.

Just ran TT on button into AA in SB. Pretty much out.

So, anyways. The poker has been pretty bad lately. I suppose I should feel fortunate for sneaking into 2nd today, but I am a sneaky bastard and played it very well IMO. I could just win the damn pots that I'm supposed to win to have chips instead of not having to play sneaky ICM bastard.

The $5k on Saturday was pretty bunk. The table I was at was ridic. I played decently imo. I busted Bax with AA>AK, and I saw him play the sickest hand I've ever seen in my life in my opinion.

Infinity limpers, Scott Montgomery of the November 9 makes it 400 at 25-50 in the cutoff. I call in the SB, Bax calls in EP, Kevin Saul laughs, almost folds, giggles, shrugs, and calls 350 more in middle position. Flop 447. Check, check, check, Scott bets 700, I fold, Bax calls, Kevin makes it 2100, Scott calls, Kevin calls. Stacks are about 15k effective. Kevin says, after Bax's overcall and before the turn, "You flopped quads Bax." Not a question. A statement. Turn 7. Bax says, "There's somebody else in the hand," and bets 1500. I stand up and start laughing. Kevin looks like he just saw his grandmother naked, and reluctantly calls, and Scott calls. River is another 7, I really LOL, Bax bets 1500, Kevin ships like 10k total, Scott tanks, finally calls, and Bax *snap* mucks 44 face up. I bet that in the history in NLHE tournament poker nobody has ever flopped quads and then bet/folded the river.

So, Scott calls it off on the river vs. two sets of quads, and now has to go and get noodles for the biggest Noodles Last Shorter bet ever, a full dozen of the motliest crew ever. Best. Bet. Ever.

I end up getting it in for a 1.8x avg stack with AKhh v. TheCronic420's AQdd, flop Qdd, gg me. Turns out Dan Shak and somebody else had my two K outs. Dan told me about this tonight in the horseament, and my instant reaction was, "THANK YOU for not telling me!" Man, I hate it when they deny the guy behind a full sweat. Poker News

Fortunately, I was out in time to go catch Keller Williams at the Canyon Club inside the Four Queens downtown. Cool place. "Where music meets the soul" was written above the stage, and the atmosphere was ridiculously intimate. I had an incredible time, definitely top 3 shows of the year for me. The guy is solo on stage, and plays mostly acoustic driven hippie rock. After he gets going in a song though he records a loop with his guitar, then plays it on repeat through a sound board. Then he'll record a loop and repeat on bass, electric guitar, drum machine, and/or synth. Then he'll play more guitar and sing over the combined loops, sometimes looping in harmonies, and eventually ending up at this climactic finish of hippieness.

Amazing show. Guy did two 90 minute sets. Just totally had a blast doing what he was doing.

Anyways, my head is going to asplode after today. Shower, beer, Monday funday, peace, good, luck.


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