WPT Bellagio Festa al Lago Main, Day One
October 22, 2021

I feel like I really had to earn my chips today. I did, ending two spots above the average stack, something like 105/260 remaining.

I started out blasting in level one. I was a bit steamed as I woke up in the morning with my mustang trashed in the driveway. Basically my roommate drove the car home the night before, had a blowout, and drove the car the rest of the way home. It was bad. Like, really bad. Like I blew a gasket bad. I can't remember the last time I had been that angry. Probably summer of 07? Anyways, so like 15 minutes in I find myself in this spot.

4 limpers at 50-100, starting stacks 45k. I have KQo and bump it to 725 on the button, get called in three spots. Flop AQ6, checks to me, I bet 2200 or so, get called twice. Turn a brick, checks to me, and I semi bet to protect/semi turn my hand into a bluff and bet 5425, and both opponents quickly fold. After that I made a set vs. Tom West, got one more bet of action, and ended level one with 52k.

I went pretty card dead/got ran over by this kid named Evan in levels two and three. I bled down to 36k, then my friend told me to stop sucking, and I stopped sucking. In level 4 I chipped up to 43k without seeing a flop (not bad for 300-600/75 for 90 minutes). Level 5 things started clicking, and I chipped up to my ending stack of 65k.

I felt really good about my play today. I had to be very flexible and really find some spots to pick up chips. The entire table was tough. My stack is 2nd highest of my table, just getting inched by Nam Le. Nobody busted, and Alex Jacobs ended with the short stack of 15k. Really really tough table.

After I bagged and tagged I met my friend at the Venetian to see Jersey Boys. Her roommate works for somebody and aparrently gets them or something, and anyways, we had free seats. On the way in she says, "If these seats suck it's not my fault." When we sit in the third row I say, "Is it also not your fault that these are AWESOME?!?"

The show was really really cool. I didn't know anything about the story and thoroughly enjoyed the entire production.

Monday Funday started with a spontaneous trip with Jared to the lake. We took our skis out with one tank of gas, and ended up charging from Hemmingway to the dam to Kingman to Bocce Beach to Jump Rock Cove to Guy in the Cove to Sentinel Island, around Shipwreck Island, and back to the launch ramp. On our way up the ramp, Jared gets a call from his boss Trev, who says he's going the lake. Poker News

Five minutes later we're walking onto the dock to Trev's slip, and end up on the lake until at 5:36 we're driving up the ramp again, and I listen to my voice mail.

"Dude, Devo. Our games start at six. Not eight."

We made it at 6:05. Not bad considering we didn't have any of our stuff with us.

Turns out we're playing the last place team, who has won zero games all season. We'd won one. They beat us the first game. We woulda won if Jared caught a fly ball. But, to clinch 2nd (to last) place, we won in the bottom of the 5th in game two, with not one, but two infield errors in a row to win the game with two outs.

Alright. I'm going to finish this glass of wine, think about three betting Goggles tomorrow, and get some rest.

Peace and good luck,


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