WPT Festa Main Day 2
October 23, 2021

Man, my head hurts, but I played a ton of crazy poker today. Ready for a totally online poker blog? Really? K here goes.

2nd hand today. 1st hand was a walk to Ryan Young. 2nd hand I find black kings UTG+1, and open to 2100. The button, John Roveto flats with 49k, both blinds fold. Flop 987, two hearts, I bet 3400, he makes it 8200.

History: we played a ton during the 25k, most of days 4 and 5, he ended up taking 3rd. He was mostly tight, but was usually short. Now he had 60+ bb's and I've never seen him play with more than 35 really.

I ended up at the end of the level with like 75k, feeling good, and played one interesting hand in level 7.

IWEARGOGGLES had been involved lets say. This hand comes up, Ryan opens, Goggles flats the button, which I found wierd since he had 3 bet Ryan 3 times in level 6 but only flatted him once tops. I find 77 in the small, think about squeezing, but realize that's retarded and just call. BB folds. Flop K87 two spades, I check, Ryan bets 4200ish, Luke ships it for almost 37k, I re-shove after like 45 seconds, Ryan folds an open-ender, and I turn quads.

I end the level around 93k, feeling reaaaalllly good. I made a somewhat marginal bluff vs. Mike Glaser, however I was on the draw, I knew he read me for the draw, and the other (more obvious) draw hit. He just happened to have that one and played it well by value checking the river, letting me bluff my pair of sixes. Poker News

I ended level 8 with like 96k, pretty slow after the exciting level 7. On that, other things that happened in level 7. Dude ships UTG for 10 bb's, I call UTG+1 with AKo, Joylene Thompson ships for like 3 bb's more, she has AA I lose. Half a level later she opens on my small, I 3 bet to about 55% of her stack total, she calls and folds after the flop to my dark shove. Somewhere in there I opened with 33, got called by Michael Kulinski, check/check the T94hhd flop, bet 1/3 his stack on the 3h turn he check/called, river Qd, he checks, I snap stuff he snap calls with KhJx. Nh.

N*E*Ways... chipped up in 9, nothing exciting, kinda got passed by the escalating blinds, but people were dropping way faster than they should have. I chipped up every level (except the last), but never enough to keep up with the average. Nothing I could have done really. I'm very happy with where I'm at, and there's a ton of chips at my table tomorrow.

Peace and good luck,


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